Quickly Change the Background Image of a Business Card

The Ms Outlook email client isth (2) full of interesting features that makes it a joy to use. The Business card is one such nifty feature that allows you to store information about a contact and share the same too in a jiffy. In fact you can create a business card for your own use and sent it across to people. Further the business card can be customized to meet your taste and it is even possible to change the background image. The need to change the background of a business card can arise due to a myriad of reasons. You may have just come back from an event and wanted to share your details with new prospects. But instead of sharing a staid card you wish to include your company logo or product image in it for easy recognition. At times you may also wish to keep separate business card styling for different audiences.


Changing the Background Image in a Business Card

  1. Launch the Ms Outlook application and go to the Contacts folder
  2. Now open the contact, for which you wish to change the background image
  3. Now right click on the business card and choose the Edit option
  4. In the Edit Business card screen you need first select the layout to Background image
  5. Once done you need to adjust the Image Alignment to fit the edges
  6. Now you need to click on change the Background picture by hitting upon the Change button
  7. Next choose an image of your choice which can be your logo or a product image with a tagline and save the settings

It is important to note that we did not use the Background button to make the change as it can only place in colors. Instead we tweaked the image to completely fit the card size. However you must understand that this change comes with a constraint. You would not be able to include a contact picture in here, which is unlikely to matter if you are looking to send out your contact details in form a business card.


Be Prepared for Outlook Crashes if your Inbox has become heavy

If you have been using the Outlook application for some time now, there is great possibility that a large number of emails are present in the Inbox. A loaded Inbox is a sitting duck for PST errors which may crop up just about any time and can completely mess up your email data. So investing in a proficient outlook recovery tool like the ever reliable DataNumen Outlook Repair is advisable for business users. Its superior recovery algorithm ensures that all Outlook data including records stored in the Business Contact Manager can be brought back in virtually no time. Incidentally the tool can also be used to trim up your Inbox as it can split the large PST file into smaller parts, preferably based on the age of the emails present in it.


Author Introduction:

Alan Chen is President & Chairman of DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including sql recovery and outlook repair software products. For more information visit www.datanumen.com

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