Quick Tips to Use the Journal feature in MS Outlook

In this article we offer you handy tips to work with the Journal feature in the Ms Outlook email client.

Quick Tips to Use the Journal feature in MS Outlook
In today’s busy life, a majority of us do complaint of lack of time to track important tasks, meetings, contacts and all other relevant things. So, Microsoft did its bit by adding the Journal Feature in its Outlook to make things easier for the users. As the name suggests, Journal Feature helps tracking actions automatically to particular contacts and also putting them in a Timeline View. Read on to learn about some quick tips on how to use Journal Feature in Outlook and what actually it is all about.
There is not one but in many ways for which you can use the powerful Journal Feature in MS Outlook. For instance, you can track various Outlook items like email messages, appointments or even MS Office files like Excel Wordbooks or Word Documents through this great feature. Moreover, you can even record the date and time of working with a particular contact too with this fabulous feature of Outlook. From task requests to responses and telephone calls, all can be tracked with this smart feature.
Now, let us throw some light on how to record files and items automatically through the Journal Feature. For this, you first need to open the File Tab and choose the Options and select the Notes and Journal Option. After this, click on the Journal Options, where you will see an option to Automatically Record These Items List, so just tick the check boxes next to the items that you wish to record automatically in the Journal. Under the For These Contacts List, you can choose the check boxes for the particular contacts whose items you wish to get recorded automatically. Then, there is also an option of Also Record Files From Box and you can choose the check boxes next to the programs from where you wish to record files in Journal automatically.
In case, you wish to change the Start and End Times of the Journal Entries in Outlook then here is the procedure. Just go to the View Tab in Journal and under the Current View Group, choose the View Settings and select the Columns Option. Under the Select Available Fields From Box, just choose the field set that you wish. Then, under the Available Date/ Time Fields Box, just select the field with the time that you wish to use as start time and click on Start. Lastly, under the Available Date / Time Fields Box, also select the end time for an item and click on End.
As a conclusion, it can be easily stated that Outlook’s Journal Feature is more or less like a diary in which we can easily and quickly record our day to day activities and also make changes as per our need. A quick tip regarding the Journal Feature in MS Outlook is that you can even add the Journal View Button directly to your Navigation Pane by clicking on the Configure Buttons and selecting the Add or Remove Buttons and finally choosing the Journal Option. The best thing is that the timeline view enables you to see each time when a document or an Outlook item was composed, saved, received, opened, modified or sent and when you change the time fields, you changes do appear on the timeline as well.
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