Quick tips to help you deal with freezing issues in Ms Outlook 2007

untitledThe Outlook 2007 has often been noted as a cornerstone in the development of this veritable mail client. It was the first Outlook version which could seamlessly preview attachment or even read RSS feeds. In many ways it was significantly more developed than its predecessors and could support a variety of add-ins with ease. However this flexibility came at a cost and this specific version is at times prone to freezing. Now if you are looking resolve freezing issues associated with your Outlook email client, we suggest that you follow the following steps in order.


  • Check for viruses and other malicious programs

With Ms Outlook acting as a huge store of valuable information, malicious individuals are increasingly targeting it for their dubious objectives. Freezing up of the mail client can point to a virus infection and you should run a complete system scan with your Anti virus application. Also you try switching off email scanning feature in your Antivirus application and thus remove a possible area of conflict while you determine the cause of the freezing.


  • Start Outlook in Safe Mode

Given the fact that add-ins can be a cause for the Outlook client to freeze up, it is advised that you start the application in the safe mode. Just press the Ctrl key and launch the Outlook program and the application will start in safe mode without any add-ins coming into play. Now if it keeps working perfectly in the safe mode, you can then remove the suspected add-ins from your profile


  • Check for .pst file size

If the above two steps do not seem to help your case then you need to look at the size of the personal storage folders. In case your .pst files are large then it is advised to divide them into smaller parts. Ideally you can use the Move to folder option to divide contents of a specific file into manageable smaller files.


  • Verify if you have set Ms Outlook client to Autosync 

It would prudent for you to check if you have set the Outlook application to sync with a given mobile device or even opted for Auto Archive. Both these functions are resource hogging and thus can make the Outlook application hang-up frequently.


  • Scan PST files for corruption or logical errors

In some cases Outlook may simply start to hang up if the .pst files in question have been corrupted. In such a scenario we suggest that you take recourse to a specialized outlook repair tool like the DataNumen Outlook repair. Its highly sophisticated recovery mechanism can extract the data in perfect order out from corrupted .pst files and that too in quick time. Further if you use the Outlook application to store a variety of data including contacts and calendars, this sophisticated solution can get that all out for you with effortless ease. The application earns brownie points for its capacity to tackle large .pst files and its rather well thought out features that allow you to choose the size of the output files.


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