Quick Tips to Deal with a Bloated Archive File that has reached its Size Limit

Of theattachmentSizeLimit several woes that an Outlook user often encounters, reaching the PST file size limit has been a perennial problem for those using older iterations of the email client. Apart from an overall file size limit, older iterations of the Outlook client had a rather limited file size limit for archived items too. Once the size limit is reached, it becomes difficult for you to archive more emails and you may even encounter an error message. However issue can be quickly bypassed by creating a new archive file and renaming the old one.


Creating a New Archive File

  1. Launch the Ms Outlook application and head to the File tab
  2. Next click on the Data File Management option
  3. In the subsequent Outlook Data Files screen you will be able to view the Archive folder data file on the list
  4. Select Archive Folder and click on Open Folders option
  5. A new window with the relevant PST files will come into view
  6. Now from the Outlook application click on Remove file and then close the Outlook application
  7. Next go the window containing the data file and rename it. For example you can rename it ArchivePrevious.pst
  8. Now restart the Outlook application and run the Archive command. The Outlook application will create a new file to store emails that will be archived henceforth.

Now if you are bothered about the emails that were archived before, you can still view them through the Ms Outlook application. You just need to perform the steps listed below

  1. From the File Menu in Outlook scroll down to the Open option and click on it
  2. Next scroll to Outlook Data File and click on it
  3. Now browse to the folder where the previous archive file was stored, select it and click on Ok
  4. The email contents of the file would get displayed in Outlook


Archived Emails too can get compromised due to an Outlook Crash

Outlook crashes stemming from PST errors seems to have a wide arc. Not only are they capable of messing up the emails stored in your Inbox, even the emails present in the archived folders are not safe. Now if your Outlook email client has crashed and you need to get back the archived data, you would require the help of a sophisticated outlook recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair. Owing to its state of the art technology, the powerful application can retrieve the archived emails in quick time besides helping you get back your contact data and even any templates that you may created. Further the application can also be used to break a large archive file into compact parts. Even if you have to deal with a password protected PST file, the application can duly complete the recovery process.


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