Quick tips for compressing your Jpeg Image collection

Over the last two decades, digital cameras have simply changed the way we look at pictures. Today we simply just need to point at anything that catches our fancy and we can have the image for everyone to view.  This is a sea change from the times when images stored in photographic films had to physically developed in a dark studio to be viewed. Today an average computer user is likely to have hundreds, if not thousands, of images stored on his system, all snapped from cameras and mobile phones. Over time this collection, which mostly consists of images stored in the Jpeg format, can grow at rapid rate. Every road trip or an occasion can add to your image collection and after a period of time you would simply observe that it is taking up a significant amount of your disk space.


Compressing your Jpeg image collection in Zip files

The Jpeg format is extremely suitable for compressing into a zip archive. Most popular applications like WinZip can simply reduce amount of disk space covered by your image collection by twenty five percent. Apart from saving on disk space, you can also zip the files according to date, year or a specific event. This would allow you to easily store and access your relevant images with ease. In case you have a large image collection, you can create several zip files and store them in a folder with proper filenames for easy recollection.

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Zipping your image files directly from your camera or mobile device

Apart from zipping the files present on your system, you can also look to directly compress the images stored in your camera or mobile device. In case you are using a latest Windows PC and have WinZip installed in your system then the moment you hook up your camera to the PC, you will find an option Zip from camera with WinZip. Once you select the option, the wizard will guide you in the creation of the appropriate zip file.  Most zip applications also allow you to see the thumbnails of images within a zip file too and if you wish to unzip a specific file, you can do so.


Recovering your image collection in case of Zip corruption

While the zip format offers countless benefits in storing images, it too has certain vulnerabilities. At times your zip archive may get corrupt while getting downloaded or during transfer from one storage media to another. In such scenarios it is always advisable to keep a powerful zip repair utility nearby. One of the most effectual zip recovery tools that you can get is the DataNumen Zip repair which can help you recover your Jpeg Image zip collection in quick time. Most importantly it makes sure that you would never lose your valuable memories that you had backed up in zip files.

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