A Quick Guide to the Clutter Option in MS Outlook 2016

In this article we introduce you to the exceptional clutter feature present in Ms Outlook 2016

clutter option outlook 2016

MS Outlook 2016 is now going to be a clutter free version for all those seeking ways to control the increasing volume of their email messages on a day to day basis. With the new Clutter Option, Outlook 2016 is expected to help the users choose only the important email messages through its automatic processing of the unwanted messages that are usually ignored by the user in the junk folder. The basic idea behind incorporating this amazing feature in Office 365 is to use the machine learning algorithms in order to check the incoming mails for a mailbox in Outlook to sort the important ones from the not so important ones. In this article, we present you with a quick guide to the new Clutter Option of MS Outlook 2016.

Now, let us explain how exactly the Clutter Option works in MS Outlook 2016. As we mentioned before, this feature has been incorporated on the basis of an algorithm and accordingly, the important email messages are collected in the main inbox, while the unimportant ones are thrown in the Clutter Folder for later review by the user. If the user doesn’t review the messages in the Clutter Folder for a period of time, they are automatically removed by the MFA or Managed Folder Assistant. Time to time, the Clutter Folder refines it’s processing to make improved decisions to match the user’s need and importance of email messages.

Clutter Folder has been especially designed for those who receive a number of emails per day and who don’t have time to short list the important ones from such a huge list of new emails on a daily basis. It works as an automated assistant to help you read mails that are of real importance without wasting time. The best thing about the Clutter Option is that it can be turned on or off anytime through OWA or Outlook Web App; however it is strongly recommended that it should be left on for better efficiency.

To Turn the Clutter Feature On, just log on to OWA and then choose the Gear Icon on the top right hand corner. After this pick the Options and expand the automatic processing followed by clicking on Clutter. Once you reach there, you can see two options, stating whether you wish to turn the Clutter Option On or Off. Choosing the On Option means you wish to allow the clutter feature to separate the items that are identified as clutter and choosing the Off Option means you don’t want to separate the items that are identified as clutter. Choose your desired option and make sure to press the Save Button to save your changes. After this, you can press on the Back Button to go back to your main inbox.

So, to conclude it can be said, that the Clutter Feature must be tried at least once to see how time and energy is automatically saved through the behavioral pattern used by this smart feature of Outlook 2016 in sorting your mailbox.

Outlook 2016 can eradicate clutter but not PST errors

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