Prevent your colleague’s email from landing in junk folders

In this article we would help you with tips to avoid important emails from landing into the junk folder

Prevent your colleague’s email from landing in junk folders

It has been observed that many Outlook users face a lot of problem when important emails from their colleagues or clients fall in the junk folder and they get to know about it very late. Has it also happened to you? Then, you must be aware of the way to prevent your colleagues’ emails from landing in the junk folder of Outlook. The good news is that Outlook does provide us with ways to deal with this problem. Although, Outlook does a stupendous job in cleaning our Inbox through the Junk Folder, yet occasionally some important emails do fall in the junk folder for which Outlook now offers a Safe Sender’s List Feature. Read on to learn more about this feature and how it can help you in saving important emails from falling in the junk folder.

Isn’t a good idea to acknowledge everyone to whom you send emails through Outlook as Safe Senders, so that email received by them too never falls in the junk folder? Well, the Safe Sender’s List Feature works on the same principle. Now, let us throw some light on how actually you can use this amazing feature to save your important emails from getting junked. You first need to go to the main Inbox in Outlook. In case you are using Outlook 2010, then you need to first go to the File Tab and choose the Junk Option followed by selecting the Junk Email Options. For users using any other version of Outlook, the procedure is to first go to the Actions Tab and then to the Junk Emails followed by clicking on the Junk Email Options. After this simply select the Safe Senders Tab and tick mark the checkbox with Automatically Add People I e-Mail to the Safe Senders List. Finally click on OK.

Alternatively, you can also use the option of Never Block This Group of Mailing List in MS Outlook, so to indicate that emails received from a particular group of email address is not be considered as a junk email. Moreover, even if you get an important email in the junk folder occasionally, you can easily retrieve it in the Inbox by choosing the option of Move To Inbox or Not Junk/Spam. This is not all; make sure to check the settings of your Spam Filter and if possible keep it to the Low Level, so that normal emails doesn’t get spammed even by mistake.

In a way, Microsoft has not left a stone unturned when it comes to the safety of your system and Outlook with a bundle of features like Safe Senders List. We now assume that this simple and easy tip will come handy for you in your day to day Outlook operations in office or home. Once, you use the Safe Senders List Feature; you will hardly find any colleague’s important email getting junked in the junk folder by mistake.

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