How to Prevent Genuine Emails from Being Taken as Junks

You must have found that Outlook may falsely mark genuine emails as Junks. This article will delve into this issue and its corresponding solutions in detail.

Many people rely on Outlook Junk Email Filter very much. But sometimes, it isn’t effectual enough to block spams, and it may make mistakes, dividing genuine emails into Junk Email. In such a situation, you need to get them back to Inbox.

Check Your Junk Email Options

The first step is to check your Junk Email settings. If spam filter is “High”, chances of marking genuine emails as spams will be higher. If you aren’t receiving a deluge of junks, you can certainly opt for “Low”.

  1. In “Home” ribbon of “Mail”, you should click “Junk Email” button.Junk Email Options
  2. Then from its drop-down list, you need to click “Junk Email Options”, which will open a new dialog box.
  3. Next in the popup dialog, you can see all spam settings. If you select “High”, you had better switch to “Low”.Check Spam Filter Settings
  4. Finally click “OK” to save the changed options.

Make Genuine Emails as Not Junks

If someone has informed you that he has sent a message to you but you never find it in Inbox. You should check Junk Email folder. As a rule, you can absolutely find it. Then in such a scenario, you should mark it as not junks.

  1. Select the genuine email in Junk Email folder and right click it.
  2. In the context menu, select “Junk” option. And you will see another list of options, including “Not Junk”.Mark as Not Junks
  3. Click “Not Junk”, and it will be reverted to Inbox.
  4. If you trust this email address, you should also click “Never Block Sender”. Thereafter, emails from this sender won’t be moved to Junk Email folder any longer.

Add Genuine Email Addresses to Your Safe Senders List

So as to ensure that specific important emails won’t be identified as spams, you can add those into safe senders list. You can access to the list in “Junk Email Options” as well. Under “Safe Senders” tab, you can click “Add” button to enter the important email addresses. Eventually remember to click “OK” to save it.Add Genuine Email Addresses to Your Safe Senders List

What to Do If Junk Email Viruses Attack Outlook

Provided that spam filter doesn’t block the dangerous emails and inner viruses attack Outlook, you should prepare for Outlook recovery. In the first place, you can utilize inbox repair tool to have a try. When it fails, you need to utilize a proficient externa program like DataNumen Outlook Repair, whose recovery rate has shouldered above its peers. It can scan and repair the compromised Outlook files without breaking a sweat.

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