How to Prevent Excel from Creating Hyperlinks Automatically

There are some very intelligent features in Excel. However, some of them may also cause trouble in certain cases. So here we will talk about the features of stopping turning websites into hyperlinks automatically.

Sometimes in an Excel file, you will need to enter some websites into worksheet. And those websites will change into hyperlinks. Thus, you can easily open the corresponding website directly through Excel. You only need to click the cell and then the browser will open automatically. And if you want to select the cell instead of opening the website, you can click the cell and hold on your mouse until you see the shape of cursor change. However, in other cases, you need to edit in the cells with websites. So every time you need to click and hold. This is very troublesome for your work.

An Example of Generating Hyperlink Automatically

In this image, you can see a website without hyperlink.An Example of Hyperlink

Now you find a mistake and need to change the “excel” into “access”. So you double click the cell and change the words. Or you can also change in the Formula Bar. However, when you finish editing and click any other cell or press the key “Enter” in the keyboard, you will see that the hyperlink will automatically appear.Hyperlink Appear

However, this is not the result that you want to get. As a result, if every time after you edit the website and you get a hyperlink, it will be very annoying. Therefore, here we find a method to solve this problem.

Preventing Websites Becoming Hyperlinks Automatically

Here are the steps that you may follow to close the feature.

  1. Click “File” in the ribbon.
  2. In the backstage of Excel, click the “Options” on the left.Click File Options
  3. Then you will see the window of “Excel Options”. And here click the option “Proofing” on the left.Click AutoCorrect Options
  4. In this option, click the “AutoCorrect Options” button.
  5. Then in the “AutoCorrect” window, click the tab of “AutoFormat As You Type”.
  6. And then uncheck the first option “Internet and network paths with hyperlinks”.Unckeck Path with Hyperlinks
  7. Next click “OK”.
  8. And then also click “OK” in the “Excel Options” window.

Now if you edit any of the websites, it will never turn into hyperlinks automatically.

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