Practical tips for Creating Rules for Blocking Spam

In this article we would look at certain practical tips for creating rules with an eye on blocking spam.

Practical tips for Creating Rules for Blocking Spam

According to data obtained by leading web analytics firms, nearly half of the emails that move across the internet can be labeled as spam. Given such widespread menace of junk emails, one needs to constantly take up proactive measures to block such emails from making their way into your Inbox. Creating rules in Outlook can go a long way in blocking spam emails if they are well planned out. Let’s look at some of the best practical tips for creating rules that can challenge spam emails.

Create Rules based on Common Spam Subject lines

Rules that filter out spam emails based on their subject lines should be your first step. You can create rules that include specific keywords related to the kind of spam email subject lines that you are dealing with.

Rules can be designed to transfer HTML emails to a different folder

Increasing a significant part of spam emails are in the HTML format with some of them even being used for launching fishing attacks. You can create rules in Outlook wherein emails in HTML format are transferred to separate folder which you can later review.

Rules that separate emails where your name does not come in the To box and contains an attachment and spam keywords in the body

A number of spam emails including unsolicited marketing emails contain your email ID in the CC or BCC fields. Creating a rule to filter such emails, especially those which contain an attachment and contain some spam keywords in the body can drastically bring down the number of junk emails that land up in your Inbox.

Do not ignore the normal spam filtering features in Outlook

While creating rules for blocking spam in Outlook is quite effective, you should not ignore the standard features for stopping spam. Make it a point to block domains from where you are receiving maximum amount of spam emails while also choose to block specific email IDs which send across repeated junk emails.

All the carefully created rules may vanish at the altar of a PST crash

PST crashes can be considered as the scariest part of using the Outlook application. Leave them aside and Outlook is by far the most elegant, reliable and user friendly email client that has been ever created. However you cannot really wish away a PST error. In fact PST related crashes can take a swipe at all data stored in your Outlook application and even the painfully created rules too may vanish. Hence experts have always held the opinion that a professional Outlook user should keep a pst recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair installed in his system. Boasting of the most illustrious recovery record amongst its peers, the application can dig out nearly everything that you may have ever stored in Outlook. Further it has the finesse to deal with multiple storage mediums and is not handicapped by a humungous PST file that other recovery tools simply cannot handle.

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