Practical Housekeeping Tips to Quickly Remove Clutter from your Inbox

It hardly surprising Inbox-Clutterfor an Outlook user to find his Inbox cluttered with all sorts of emails. In a typical day you may receive emails from several people, and in some cases a chain of emails while working on a certain project. If that was not all promotional emails and spam emails too clog up your Inbox. For many of us who use Outlook for both business and personal emails, over a period of time we can literally get inundated by the sheer volume of emails and end up with a huge Inbox running into multiple gigabytes. To keep the Inbox in shape, it is impetrative for us perform housekeeping tasks to reduce the size and eradicate the clutter from the Inbox. Let’s look at some practical steps to achieve the same.


Use Folder Names and Rules in an Intelligent Manner

We all know that Outlook allows you to create folders and even subfolders to your liking. Similarly you can also create a rule for a host of actions. Now if you are really looking to cut down on the clutter in one go, you should identify folder names that you wish to create and define corresponding rules to transfer emails relevant to that folder. For example you can create a folder for specific client account with subfolders for projects which are running for that account. Once done, create rules to identify emails related to those projects and ensure they are moved to those folders on the fly.


Use Flags and Reminders to your Benefit

Flags in Outlook help you quick mark out emails which you wish to take action at a later time. It is important that you create custom flags and associate them with colors of your choice for easy recall.


Avoid Spam at all Costs

Spam emails end up taking up valuable disk space besides wasting your time. It is thus important to enforce stringent spam filtering so that such emails do not make their way into your mailbox. Ideally you should work proactively and block domains and email IDs from which you typically receive spam emails.


PST Errors are never benign – prepare a contingency plan

As an Outlook user you may have experienced several error messages over the years with most of them being rather benign. However PST errors do not fall in this category and can clearly compromise your data if ignored. At the first mention of a PST error or a file corruption message you should prepare a contingency plan. To start with export your Outlook emails and other data if possible and immediately get hold of a pst recovery application like the venerable DataNumen Outlook Repair for emergencies. This remarkable application can help you extract emails from thoroughly challenged PST files and save them at a different location. Moreover the tool can be used to manage the size of your Inbox or discover PST files that do not show up in normal searches.


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