Is It Possible to Repair a Broken Hard Drive by Freezing It?

Perhaps you have seen some recommendations of “freezing trick” to repair broken hard drive in various forums and videos. However, is it really feasible? Will freezing it lead to further damage on hard drive? This article will discuss this issue in detail.

Is It Possible to Repair a Broken Hard Drive by Freezing It

Hard drive, as a widely used data storage device, is developing constantly. But, it is still sensitive and vulnerable due to its moving components. As we all know, if a hard drive is damaged physically, its internal data will also become compromised, like PST corruption. Therefore, in the event of broken hard drive, you will tend to attempt DIY data recovery.

When searching various tricks about repairing corrupted hard drive on Internet, you may find a “freezing trick”, which refers to putting the hard drive in freezer to chill it. Also, some recommendations will even boast that they have witnessed its effect. However, what on earth is the virtual fact? Thereinafter, we will reveal it in depth.

Out-of-date Trick

To be honest, freezing a hard drive is an outdated trick. In earlier days, freezing a hard drive will only move parts of the drive to a very small extent. However, with the drive becomes more and more sophisticated and advanced, freezing a today’s hard drive will move some parts substantially. Thus it will lead to improper space between head and platter inside the drive, finally leading unreadable drive.

Further Damage due to Temperature & Humidity

Since hard drive platters are considerably sensitive, any changes in humidity and temperature can damage the platters. Serious humidity and extreme temperature will make great damage to the hard drive when the read/write head attempts to read data from the platters. Therefore, repairing a broken hard drive demands a cleanroom, which is in controlled and appropriate temperature and humidity.

Can’t Fix Logical Issue

Moreover, in many situations, why a hard drive cannot work is actually owing to logical issues. Nevertheless, freezing trick will only make physical changes, thus it cannot repair such issues. Hence, don’t freeze a malfunctioning hard drive readily without figuring out the actual causes in that it may destroy the hard drive in a moment.

Won’t Last Too Long Even If Works

Even if, fortunately, freezing may bring the drive spindle to start working, it won’t be able to last long. The hard drive may only work long enough to copy the data on it to another hard drive. At that time, you should never attempt any other DIY data recovery tricks.

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