Populating the Auto-Complete List in MS Outlook after a Computer Reinstall

In this article we help you to populate the auto-complete list, once you have reinstalled the Outlook application in your system.

Microsoft has done every bit in saving the user’s time through its various Outlook features. One big example of this is the Auto-Complete List Feature that pops up the contact name and email id when the user mentions just a few initial letters of the name in a mail. Auto-Complete List is an amazing Outlook feature that presents the most apt matches from a list of names or email ids that matches your requirement, when you start typing the name of the recipient in an email message and as the name suggests it is automatically generated. However, there may be some instances when your system gets corrupt and you reinstall Outlook in it but your Auto-Complete List disappears, so is there any way to get back that list? In this article, you will learn about the ways to populate the Auto-Complete List in MS Outlook after a reinstallation.

 Auto-Complete List Feature

In case, you fail to access to your own Auto-Complete List in Outlook after a reinstallation, then you can easily fill the list again by simply generating a new message addressed to all the contacts instantly. In fact, there is even no need to send a message, you can just Create A New Message and choose the To Option and choose the Contacts that you wish to add from the Contact List; for instance, you can add contacts from the GAL or the Global Address List or Contacts Folder or even from a Public Folder. After this, just choose the first contact and while scrolling down to the last contact hold SHFT Button and click on the last contact to choose all of them. Similarly, pressing the To Button and repeat the same steps to add more contacts. Don’t forget to click on Ok at the end to close the dialog box and also to return to the new created message.

For those of you, who are using Outlook 2007 version or older versions, the tip here is to close the message and select No when asked to save the changes. On the other hand, if you are using the latest 2016 Outlook version or 2013 or 2010 version, you must send the message to the finally store the addresses in your AutoSuggest Cache in Outlook. You must also remember that if you keep the Outlook in Offline Mode before sending the message via the Send/Receive Tab, you can prevent the message from being sent and the list will generate and you can then make the Outlook work back in the Online Mode.

We now present you some additional useful tips that you must keep in mind while populating the Auto-Complete or AutoSuggest Feature in MS Outlook after a reinstallation. Remember that up to 1000 contacts can be cached in these lists. You must also keep in mind that these Auto-Complete Lists are not saved in an .nk2 file extension form, instead they are saved in .pst or Outlook Data File Format or in the Microsoft Exchange Server Mailbox.

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