What Should You Do If Outlook Rules Don’t Work?

If you’ve created multiple Outlook rules, but one day they stop working, it will be a great nightmare. So what should you do then?

Nowadays, any email clients, including Outlook, allow users to create assorted rules, by which messages can be organized much better. I believe that everyone who has utilized Outlook for several years must have a host of rules. The same holds true for me. Rather than utilize Outlook Categories, I prefer to create and manage all kinds of rules to classify and sort my messages, regardless of received or sent ones.

Virtually rules are the most unstable element in Outlook. Perhaps the greatest grief for persons like me is that Outlook rules malfunction unexpectedly. I have been subject a lot to this problem. Therefore, I will share my points of view with you, such that you can find out an appropriate solution to resolving this issue.Outlook Rules

Why Outlook Rules Stops Working

As for the reason why Outlook rules stops working, chances are that our rules’ settings are incorrect. In other words, maybe some of our rules’ description contracts with other rules or even our computer settings. Besides, this problem often takes place when software is upgraded. Thus once we are faced with it, we should verify two settings to make clear the concrete reasons.

Firstly, we should check whether the malfunctioning rule is specified in “on this computer only”. If so it does, undoubtedly it won’t make effects when you start your account on other computers.

Secondly, we should define whether we apply the rules to other email accounts. If we have several accounts in Outlook, we must pay attention to this cause. We had better separate the accounts thoroughly, don’t mix up them.

What to Do in case of Rule Malfunction

If it doesn’t result from the above two reasons, you can attribute the problem to Outlook errors. Hence what we can do is to delete the failing rules and then recreate them.

As usual, locate and click “Rules” button in “Home” ribbon. In “Rules & Alerts”, we can remove the malfunctioning rules, and add new rules. In “Rules Wizard”, we can edit the concrete specification of rules.

Apply Robust Third Party Software to Restore Damaged PST Files

Apart from rule errors, Outlook is frequented subject to all sorts of glitches. In addition, if we encounter severe Outlook crashes, what we may lose is not only rules, but also emails, contacts, tasks, etc. Therefore, as long as confronted with damaged PST files, we should apply robust third party software to restore them. For instance, DataNumen Outlook Repair is a good choice. It can assist us to scan and repair PST files by minimizing corruption at a rapid pace.

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Shirley Zhang is a data recovery expert in DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including sql recovery and outlook repair software products. For more information visit www.datanumen.com

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