What to Do if Outlook Recurring Tasks Don’t Remind You

Are you suffering the Outlook problem that the recurring tasks cannot remind you? If so, you can just perform the operations introduced in this article to solve it.

Thanks to Outlook’s function of arranging recurring tasks and creating reminders, I never miss the important occurrences in my work. But one day I found that it malfunctioned. Here are my solutions.

Verify If You’ve Added Reminders to the Recurring Tasks

Some people mistakenly think that as long as they create a task with recurrence, a reminder will be added automatically, such that they can be reminded at that day. However, actually in this case, reminders cannot be produced automatically. Recurring task just means that it just can exist in Outlook Tasks pane until its due date.Verify If You’ve Added Reminders to the Recurring Tasks

Therefore, first of all, you need to check whether you’ve attached reminders to the recurring tasks correctly. Double click the task to open it in its own window to check more clearly. If you’re determined that it holds a right reminder, then this problem must be caused by the other factors, such as mis-operation on the task reminders.

Mark the Task as Complete Instead of Dismissing It

As we all know, if the recurring tasks carry a reminder, when the task comes, we can see a reminder dialog box. In it, we can select “Dismiss”, “Snooze” or “Open Item” to mark as complete. Some people dislike it reminding them once again if setting Snooze, so they prefer to choose “Dismiss”.Dismiss

But in fact, if you dismiss it, Outlook cannot create a new Task item with another new reminder automatically. In this scenario, you certainly cannot be reminded any longer. Therefore, when facing the reminder dialog box, what you should do is to right click the item and select “Mark Complete” from the context menu, such that the item won’t be cancelled or deleted. It will remind you the next time.Mark Complete

Rescue the Dismissed Recurring Task Reminders

If you have dismissed the recurring task reminder by mistake, you can rescue it. For a start, switch to Outlook Tasks pane by “Ctrl + 4” key shortcut. Then locate and select the target task item. And next click the “Mark Complete” in the ribbon. Immediately a new task with a new reminder will be recreated.Rescue the Dismissed Recurring Task Reminders

Through the above 3 methods, the issue will be resolved absolutely. And the recurring tasks with reminders will be able to remind in time. Please keep in mind that you should never dismiss the recurring tasks.

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Shirley Zhang is a data recovery expert in DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including sql recovery and outlook repair software products. For more information visit www.datanumen.com

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