How Often Should You Back up Your Data?

When it comes to making regular data backups, many users are confused with how often they should back up data. Therefore this article will focus on this issue to offer some suggestions.

As we all know, regardless of what kind of devices data is stored in, no matter a hard disk drive, USB flash drive or SD card, data is always in danger. It’s because that the storage device will be damaged or surely fail one day. As long as anything wrong occurs to the device, the data stored in it will suffer definitely, such as PST corruption.

How Often Should You Back up Your Data?

Hence, it is quite advisable and prudent to make data backups on a regular basis. So-called regular backup means that you should ensure that the backup is always consistent and up-to-date. Without any doubts, several-month-old data backup is surely ineffective in that there must be great changes to the data in this period. So, you had better develop a good habit of making periodical data backups. As for the concrete frequency, it virtually depends on a lot of factors. Here we’ll discuss this question from 3 perspectives and provide some personal suggestions.

From Perspective of Users

Actually, for different kind of users, the frequency of data backup is different. For the users who rarely create new files or change files, a monthly data backup is indeed enough. Yet, for the users who regularly use the computer to deal with the documents and files, data backup should be at least once a week. Plus, if you are a businessman and have numerous data changes on a daily basis, you have to make data backup every day.

From Perspective of Importance

In addition, data backup frequency also varies with how important the data is for you. For instance, maybe you have two computers. One is for personal usage. And the other one is for business. There is no denying that the business data is much more significant. Therefore, you should back up the latter computer much more frequently.

From Perspective of Changes

Of course, how often you have to make data backup also depends on how often data gets changed. As a matter of fact, it’s highly recommended to make a backup before and after great changes take place. For example, before you reinstall your operating system on your PC, you have to make a data backup. Besides, if you’ve made great changes to any extremely important files, you ought to back up them as soon as possible.


In a nutshell, the more important and precious your data is, the higher you need to back up it. Provided that you often forget to make data backup, you had better schedule an automatic backup through backup software. What’s more, apart from regularly backing up data, you have to test the backups at periodical interval, too.

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