Why Not Let Outlook Read Emails to You When You’re Tired?

Do you know that Outlook has a “text to speech” feature? When you are tired of or averse to reading emails, Outlook can read the emails out loud. What you should do is just to listen it.

Since 2010 version, Outlook keeps coming loaded with a text to speech feature. In other words, users are allowed to have Outlook read the selected text in emails for them. If you have worked for a whole day but still intend to check the new emails, why not have a rest to just listen to Outlook?

However, this feature is hidden deeply. You should bring it to the visible place at first. For instance, add it to ribbon or QAT.

Add Speak Command to Ribbon

  1. At the very outset, head to “File” menu and select “Options”. In the window of “Outlook Options”, you should switch to “Customize Ribbon” tab.
  2. Then in the right box, you should click “New Group” button to create a new group under “Home” tab. And click “Rename” and specify a name for this group, such as “Speak”.Create a New Group under Home Tab
  3. Next from the drop down list of “Choose commands from”, you should choose “Commands Not in the Ribbon”. And pull the scrolling bar of the following box to locate the “Speak” command. Pitch on it and click “Add” button to add it to the “Speak” group.Add Speak Command to Ribbon
  4. Finally click several “OK” to back to Outlook “Home” ribbon, where you can see the new added “Speak” command.Speak Command in Ribbon

Add Speak Command to Quick Access Toolbar

  1. For a start, click the down arrow in the QAT part. From the drop down list, you should choose “More Commands”.More Commands
  2. Then in the following window, choose “Commands Not in the Ribbon”. Locate and pitch on the “Speak” command in the left box. And click “Add” button to add it to QAT.Add Speak Command to Quick Access Toolbar
  3. Eventually click a series of “OK” to back to Outlook. You can see the “speak” icon in Quick Access Toolbar.Speak Icon in QAT

Utilize the Speak Command

After bring the hidden “Speak” function to the visible place, you can apply it with ease. For example, you can just select the text which you want Outlook to read out and then click “Speak” button or icon. Outlook will immediately speak out the selected texts. You can also see that “Speak” has become “Stop Speaking”. You can click it to terminate Outlook reading emails.

Stop Speaking

Take Essential Precautions to Avoid Outlook Crashes

Despite boasting of numerous functions, Outlook cannot escape from corruption. Under this circumstance, we have to make adequate precautions to prevent too severe corruption, such as install genuine antivirus software, stop downloading external unknown file and block spams timely, etc. Moreover, it is advisable to make a regular backup, which can restore the corrupted Outlook file easily. In addition, you ought to keep a robust repair tool nearby, like DataNumen Outlook Repair. It can check the errors and recover Outlook file without breaking a sweat.

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