How to Customize the New Mail Sound for Selected Contacts

Some people would like to play a custom new mail sound for specific persons. In this article, I will introduce the fastest method.

Everyone has several special contacts stored in their own address books. Perhaps they are important business partners, or intimate friends and relatives. Actually, regardless of who they are, they are all worthy of our special treatment.

Also, I have some significant contacts stored in my Outlook application. In daily life, I keep a frequent communication with them. However, sometimes when lots of new emails flood in my Inbox, I am used to neglecting them tentatively. In consequence, I miss the most appropriate time to reply to the emails from my cherished persons. Eventually I set a custom new email sound for these contacts. Therefore, each time their emails arrive, I will hear the custom sound. It is much convenient. If you are interested as well, take the operations as followings.

Customize the New Mail Sound for Specific Contacts

  1. For a start, we should click “Rules” button in “Home” ribbon, and then open the window of “Rules & Alerts”, in which click the “New Rules” button.
  2. Then a subsequent dialog of “Rules Wizard” will show up. Firstly, we will be required to select a template. Obviously, we should choose “Apply rule on messages I receive” here. Click “Next” to next step.
  3. As for conditions, we should select “from people or public group”. In Step 2, click the link of “people or public group” will showcase Outlook address book, in which we can pick out our desired contacts. Click “Next” button again.Select Rule Conditions
  4. Next click “play a sound” with regard to actions. Like the last step, we should click the “sound” link to search a preferred sound in a new popup window. Click “Next”. It will turn to the next step which asks for any exceptions. If no exceptions, just neglect it.Select Rule Actions
  5. After rule setup, we could see all rule description in the final page. We can enter a name for this rule. And finally click “Finish” to activate the rule.Finish the rule setup of New Mail Sound for Specific Contacts

Resort to Potent Repair Tools in Case of Outlook Crashes

Note that a custom new mail sound will be mixed up with Outlook default ring. Thus at times, we may hear double new mail sounds. In such a scenario, we had better disable default sounds. Virtually, double new mail sounds is also one of Outlook errors. Diverse errors may occur to Outlook from time to time. If these errors haven’t been resolved timely, we will suffer from a severe Outlook crash. Hence it is high time to resort to a potent repair tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair. It is specially designed to repair Outlook, which can scan and recover compromised Outlook files in a breeze

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