Network Aspects to Consider while running Ms Access from a server

Over the last decade,network2 the Ms Access application has found a very prominent place in many small businesses which have relied on its efficient data management and storage capabilities. Many have created custom applications to run on an Access backend which are used by multiple users. In many cases such applications have been deployed without much thought by making a common office PC as server and giving access to other users. While Access is capable of handling around hundred concurrent users quite comfortably, it success also relies on the network infrastructure in place and additional modifications made to facilitate optimum performance. Let’s look at the key network aspects that you need to keep in mind.


Start by creating a dedicated server where the Access database would be located

Ideally if you are looking to run a line of business application on an Ms Access backend, creating a dedicated server would prove quite helpful. You can simply take a powerful system which has good processing power and memory and use it for hosting the Access database. Once the same is done, make sure you share the path of the database with users and create access level permissions. Further you should consider splitting the database file into two parts, with the one containing forms and modules copied on individual machines. Further for optimum performance one should regularly compress the Access database.


Choose the correct wireless networking cards

The Ms Access database is quite prone to network faults. So if you are using a wireless network card, ensure that all cards in your network are of a same family and speed. For best performance opt for cards with over 150mbps transfer speeds.


Check Network Card Settings on a wired LAN

If you have a wired network in your office, you need to ensure that its settings are optimized. You can check them by visiting the duplex settings using the device manager. Now if you have over fifty users working on the Access database, you should contact a networking expert to run a performance audit on your network infrastructure.


An Access Crash can Risk your Line of Business Application data

When you run Ms Access in a multiuser environment, the risk of errors including MDB corruption is quite high. Moreover if you have not optimally divided the MDB data or your network has intermittent connection issues, you may be looking at an imminent Access crash. Now if you ever do encounter an Ms Access crash, it may risk your entire line of business application data in one go. To avoid such a scenario, it is always advisable to keep an access repair tool like DataNumen Access Repair nearby. It would help you recover from an emergency situation and can retrieve your entire database without any loss. Moreover it is capable of negotiating challenging circumstances wherein the MDB file is either located on a portable media or inside a zip archive.


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