Ms Word fails to launch as the email editor for Outlook – Quick Resolution

The Outlook como imprimir desde microsoft wordapplication typically ships as a part of the Ms Office application suite. Now most of us are quite aware that Ms Word and Ms Excel along with PowerPoint and Ms Access are other popular applications that make up Office application suite. Most of these applications use many common libraries and harness beneficial features from each other. Now the Ms Word application is used as the default editor for Ms Outlook and thus it is quite normal to experience an error message which mentions that Ms Word application is unavailable. Let’s look at quickly resolving the issue.


Check if Ms Word is functioning

At the very outset, close both the applications and then start the Ms Word application in safe mode. To do so, go to Start field in Windows and enter windword.exe /a. This will launch Ms Word in Safe mode. In case you experience any issues, you need to sort out the Ms Word application. If Ms Word is working, start Outlook again and observe if the issue repeats again.


Shutdown both Outlook and Word and start again

The most appropriate solution to this problem lies in closing down the Outlook application and the Ms Word application. Once you have closed both the applications, restart your computer and open Outlook and try to launch a new email.


An Application Install would be needed in rarest of the cases

In some cases, the issue would continue to persist after you have tried the solutions mentioned above. This would leave with either contacting a technical support person to look at the problem in detail or reinstall the Ms Office application. In case you opt to reinstall the Outlook application, you should back up all your Outlook data before you initiate the process.


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