Ms Outlook Quick Parts – A Primer

The Ms Outlook email client is loaded with so many features that some of them simply do not figure up in the minds of an average user. For example we consider reusing text blocks or other elements in email messages; we simply go ahead and create templates. While templates are a wonderful solution when you need to create email messages of a certain pattern, they are an overkill when you are just trying to including few lines here or there. The feature that one should look at is Quick Parts which helps you include any block of text or formatted snippets in any email.



Adding a text block as Quick Part for future use

  1. Launch a new email message in the Outlook application
  2. Type the text you wish to save as a quick part and format it as per your need
  3. Next select the text block that you have just created and move to the Insert tab
  4. From the interface you need hit on the Quick Parts button
  5. Next you need to click on the option that props us and say “Save text to Quick Part Gallery”
  6. Once you do that a new screen pops up where you get the choice to assign a name to the quick part and even categorize it if needed. If needed you can place it in a gallery that best fits it or even add a detailed description to it for quick reference.


Including a Quick Part in email body

To insert a Quick Part in an email body you just need to open the relevant email and then click on the Insert tab. Next head to Quick Parts which comes under the text group and then search it out by name. Once you have located the relevant Quick Part just click on Insert to include it in the email body.


Why is it important to keep you Inbox light in Ms Outlook

As an Outlook user you may come across the piece of advice from others users or while browsing Outlook related forums that ask you to avoid bulking up your Inbox. Well the rationale behind the advice is quite correct; a heavy Inbox is a recipe for disaster as it becomes more prone to PST corruption. So you need to always be on your feet and regularly perform housekeeping tasks on your Inbox and keep it free from unnecessary emails. Yet all this may not be enough as Outlook can still crash and hence a pst recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair is the only sure shot way to protect your data. It encompasses a class leading algorithm that can draw out every possible data element stored in an Outlook application from the compromised file. Moreover it has the ability to negotiate the largest PST files that you can throw at it with aplomb and it works with all versions of Outlook including the latest 2013 iteration.


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