MS Access is Here to Stay – And It will Continue to Exist in Near future

In this article we look why it is likely that the MS Access database application will remain popular in coming years despite the availability of a plethora of enterprise grade RDBMS.

Ms Access Will Remain Popular In Near FutureMS Access was developed by Microsoft more than 2 decades ago, from then till now, the application has continuously been used and appreciated by millions of users all over the globe. Access was once a part of the MS Office applications in Windows editions for home use. But only recently, both Access and Excel were no more included in the Windows editions, for free. One of the main reason why these applications were no more provided for home use was because they were considered to be more appropriate for office use, and were hence converted to premium applications, which were paid. Applications which were once free, and then become paid, are considered to be popular and preferred applications, for which people would willingly spend money.

One of the Early Database Management Software kept Relevant with Periodic Upgrades

Questioning the future of MS Access as a preferred database application for organizations is a very ill-founded proposition. MS Access is one of the primary database management software, a lot of the leading RDBMS that we have today have been modeled on MS Access, namely SQL, MySQL, etc. These software are nothing but more advanced and grander version of MS Access, which have a lot more intake capacity than Access. It won’t be wrong to consider Access as basic, but doubting its relevance as an application which might go out of use in future is certainly incorrect. One of the most basic reasons why Access will remain is, it is a regularly updated application. No developer would release updates for an application if its preference among users was decreasing. And every time there is an update, a decade of continuity is assured.

Why MS Access will Continue Existing in Future.

  1. Visual Basic ApplicationsThere are thousands of Visual Basic applications which make use of MS Access for storing data.
  2. The application is user friendly and easy to learn, it allows the user to not only create databases, but also get quick reports and summary queries.
  3. It is also compatible with enterprise level database software like SQL and MySQL. Thus migrating data will not be a problem.
  4. In the latest version of the application, migration to SharePoint and Azure is also possible, and the conversion of data happens automatically.
  5. Access apps can be distributed using Access Runtime, without the need for all users to purchase licenses.
  6. There might be lots of other database management software in the market today, but nothing can beat Access in terms of its reliability, variety and compatibility with other software.

There is a Future for MS Access in the SMB World

If there are to be any doubts about the future prospects of any application or software, why should it be limited only to Access? Whether an app will continue remaining useful in future depends on what is it offering the user, if the user needs about the product will change, the application might become outdated. But Access offers something that no business owner can avoid using. Despite incidents of Access database crash, the application is fairly stable for most small scale applications. In case you wish to make sure the data present in your access database always remains accessible, invest in a tool to repair mdb and accdb database files. In all probability, MS Access is here to stay and will continue existing in future.

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