Managing Data Loss: How Not to Get Gouged During an IT Crisis

Unless your business has a dedicated, top-notch IT department, a system crash and resulting data loss can be incredibly expensive and time-consuming to repair. Expert IT troubleshooters typically charge astronomical rates, and their hourly fees can easily turn your crisis into a costly set-back for your bottom line. For example, a power surge crashes your server, and you need to restore SQL data that has been lost as a result.  Will you know what to do, or will you or your IT team spend unnecessary excessive amounts of time trying to recover while losing money? One of the easiest ways to save both time and money is to have a comprehensive action plan in place should you experience a serious data loss. By knowing where to turn for help, and the tools that are out there, you can face any IT crisis with calm confidence and masterful strategy.Woman's hands at computer

When you experience a computer or server problem, lost data is often your primary concern. Data recovery programs can often recover or repair your files effectively and efficiently. Unlike the simple, built-in recovery processes of major software programs, these advanced tools go beyond the basics and utilize specialized technologies to recover lost or damaged data. DataNumen offers a variety of services that target a variety of specific computer programs, and can recover the types of files that are specific to those platforms. For example, our Outlook Data Recovery program offers PST repair so that you can recover those important Outlook data files quickly and easily. As one of the invaluable productivity tools for businesses, Outlook failures can be especially devastating and a good recovery program can restore Outlook files and get your business back to optimum performance as quickly as possible.

Don’t let an IT crisis paralyze your business or cost unnecessary money. Plan ahead and know your options. Whether you are looking for SQL recovery software, Outlook repair or other major software repair, DataNumen offers the very latest in specialized data recovery programs and is trusted by some of the largest companies in the world. Discover all of the ways DataNumen can help keep your business running smoothly, and learn more by contacting our team today.


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