How to Manage the Trusted Locations for Your Excel

You can save some macro-enabled workbooks in the trusted locations. Therefore, those macros will always be available. And in this article, we will show you how to manage the trusted locations in Excel.

In our previous article How to Enable and Disable Macros in Your Excel, we have introduced the macro settings in detail. You can also refer to it to have a deep understanding about the macro settings. When you choose the option “Disable all macros without notification”, you will not be able to run any macros in your workbooks.

However, there still exist conditions that you still need to run macros to solve problems. But those files are not trusted documents in Excel. Hence, you will meet with difficulties when you need to finish tasks. In order to run those macros, now you can add those files to trusted locations. The files in trusted locations will all be regarded as safe, so you can run macros in those files. Now follow the steps below and see how to manage the trusted locations.

Add Locations

  1. Open any of an Excel workbook in your computer.
  2. Click the tab “Developer” in the ribbon.
  3. And then click the button “Macro Security” in the toolbar.Macro Security
  4. In the “Trust Center” window, click the option “Trusted Locations” on the left.
  5. After that, you will see some default path on the right. You can certainly input those macro-enabled workbooks into those files. But in addition, you can also add a new path. Therefore, click the button “Add new location” in this window.Add New Location
  6. In the new pop-up window, click the button “Browse”.Browse
  7. In the “Browse” window, select the folder that you need to add.
  8. And then click the button “OK” on the bottom.Select Folder
  9. Next you will come back to the window. Check the option for subfolder if you need.
  10. And then add the description into the textbox.Setting
  11. When you have finished the settings, click the button “OK”.
  12. Now in the “Trust Center” window, you can see that the new folder has already appeared in the list. Here also click the button “OK”.Click OK

Now you have finished adding the special folder to the trusted locations. When you need to use the macros in a certain macro-enabled workbook, you can add this file into this folder. Thus, the macro is still available in your computer. But you need to make sure that the folder that you will add is safe.

Remove Locations

If you don’t need this folder any more, you can also remove it from the list.

  1. Follow the step 1 – 4 in the previous part and open the window of “Trust Center”.
  2. In the list, choose the location that you want to remove.
  3. After that, click the button “Remove” in the bottom.Remove
  4. And then click the button “OK” to save your setting.

And now the macros in this folder cannot run in your computer.

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