Learn Why Outlook a great productivity tool for busy Managers

A large majority of managers in the corporate 10451891_10152530227469413_2746711024010531636_nworld are always under pressure to improve productivity in their teams. At times even after incorporating complex team management and collaboration software, desired improvements are not achieved. A large part of this failure stems from resistance of employees to learn a tool and even use it on a regular basis. In contrast, as an office productivity tool, very few applications can hold a candle to the Ms Outlook. Since any office staff typically keeps the Outlook application open throughout the work day, it becomes very easy to manage appointments and meetings if they come through the Outlook application. Moreover given the fact that nearly every employee is familiar with the application adds to its success.


Share Schedules and Calendars in Outlook

At the very outset, busy managers can create schedules and calendars in Outlook and share the same with their teams. When every member is on the same calendar, it becomes easy to coordinate deliverables according to given timelines.


Use Outlook for Project Management

The Outlook application is uniquely suitable for managing project in small teams. You can create to-do lists in Outlook and share that with your team. With Outlook you can assign priority to different tasks and allocate them to different individuals. When a specific task is completed, its owner can mark it off and every other team member can view the status. Individual employees can maintain notes and share them with team members for quick reference. By using third party tools you can even use the Outlook application as time tracking tool. Even Microsoft provides add-ins for Outlook like Project Web Access that can be used to extend the functionality of the application. In case you have a recent version of Outlook installed in your office, you can use the Business Contact Manager plug-in to seamlessly manage your leads.


Book Office Resources with Outlook

When you are using Outlook in an office, you get the chance to book shared resources with the Outlook application. From conference rooms to projectors, Outlook can be used to block a resource for specific duration while keeping all relevant people in the loop.


Dealing With the Uncanny PST Errors in Outlook

The Ms Outlook application has a very high user satisfaction rate. Still it has received its fare share of criticism over the years and PST errors seem to be a major bugbear. These errors can crop up just about anytime without giving you the slightest hint. Moreover they can run the risk of compromising the encompassed data. Now if you wish to avoid a nightmare scenario where your emails come at risk, you should always keep a proficient

pst repair tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair around. This sophisticated application can draw out the contents of the Outlook application irrespective of the extent of PST corruption. Moreover it can also be used to break down a large PST file and save a recovered file on a network drive.


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