Learn to build an Email List in Outlook within minutes

In this article we look at creating email lists in Outlook in an effortless manner.

Learn to build an Email List in Outlook within minutes

Are you one of those people who frequently use MS Outlook to send family greetings, emails or business newsletters that too to a group of people? Then, probably, you are wasting a lot of your time each time to search the same contacts and send the emails to them? If that is the matter then, you are in need of using the feature called Email List in Outlook. Using this feature, you can make things easier and simpler especially while sending emails to a same group of contacts again and again. Learn to build an Email List in Outlook using the following information within minutes.

First of all, you must note that you can actually make an Email List for a number of group of contacts in Outlook. For instance, you can make one Email List for professional contacts, one for family members and one for the friend circle. Moreover, this goes the way and you can make lists for newsletters as well. The main benefit of making an Email List is as we just mentioned above is to save time and energy while sending an Email to a bunch of people instead of typing each individual email ID every time.

Now, if you are curious enough to learn how exactly you make an Email List, then here are the detailed steps to do so. First of all, you will need to go to the Home Tab in Outlook and choose the New Items. After this pick the option of More Items and select the Contact Group Option after which you will be displayed a Screen with Contact Group. Your next step would be to mention a Name of the Group or List and select the option of Add Members on the ribbon. There you get the option to choose your preferred contacts directly from your Contact List in Outlook or Address Book or you can even Add A New Contact. Feel free to choose the option that suits you most. Once this is done, simply add your contacts to the group by clicking on that particular contact and select the Members Option followed by clicking on Ok. In case, you wish to add more than one contact at a time, then just press CTRL button along with clicking on each contact you wish to add. Finally, click on Save and Close and you are done.

Next, it is important to learn how to send an email to the Email List or Group you just made using the above mentioned steps. For this, first open a New Email Message and choose the To: Option. After this, choose the Group to which you wish to send an email and finally Send the Email. Once this is done, you will see that the same email has been sent to all the contact you have in that particular group.

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