Learn How Sleek Email and Calendar features in Ms Outlook 2013 can improve your work efficiency

In this article we would look at some of the key highlights of email and calendar features introduced in Ms Outlook 2013 and how it can jazz up your work efficiency.

Learn How Sleek Email and Calendar features in Ms Outlook 2013 can improve your work efficiency

When the Outlook 2013 was first introduced by Microsoft, it instantly got rave reviews, both from experts and general users alike. Bundled with lots of exciting and new features, MS Outlook 2013 will surely help you make your life more organized and hassle free. Thanks to the range of sophisticated email and calendar features that have been implemented in this latest MS Outlook version, users can now look to manage their schedules and email correspondence in a neat and effective manner.

The Calendar feature in Outlook 2013 packs in quite a punch

Let’s first talk about the advantages you will get from the Calendar feature of MS Outlook 2013. With this feature, you can watch out your daily calendar and tasks assigned to different days of the month and year. All you need is to enable the Daily Task View and your whole day schedule is displayed in front of you with a single click. Second great benefit of this calendar feature is that it helps you add all your meeting and appointment details for a day with details like venue, time and duration of a particular meeting or appointment.

The best thing about the calendar feature is that it offers you a lot of space to write instructions and notes for a date, so you can easily mention all the details of an event in unlimited words. Moreover, there is an option called Recurrence Pattern in the calendar feature including patterns like daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. This pattern offers you the ease to set an event reminder in MS Outlook depending on your requirement; for instance, whether you want it every Monday, every second month or once a year.

Interesting updates in emailing features have made Outlook 2013 a pleasure to use

The navigation look and feel and options in Outlook 2013 has been jazzed up to meet the needs of an evolved computer user. The most fascinating advantage of email feature is that is helps you check which message to open and read on priority basis, as it helps previewing the messages with the first line of the message mentioned in the subject line itself. Emails can be now displayed and organized in a clutter free manner with this latest iteration of Outlook. With the inline reply feature, you can quickly respond to an email right out of the reading pane. In fact if you wish it is possible to start a chat session from the same place. Renaming of folders too is way easy in Ms Outlook 2013.
Schedules stored in Calendar items are at risk in the event of a PST crash

It is not without reason that PST crashes are considered as the Achilles heel of Ms Outlook. Not only are they capable of messing up your emails, any other data stored in the Outlook application including calendar entries are too at risk. In the event of a PST crash you should immediately call in a superior pst recovery tool like the remarkable DataNumen Outlook Repair application to get back the messed up data. It can incidentally work with nearly all versions of Ms Outlook in vogue today including the latest 2013 iteration and is equally at ease while dealing with varying media types. Last but not the least the recovery success rate offered by this tool is second to none and even a novice user can operate it with ease
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