Learn How Microsoft Keeps Updating the Junk Filter Definitions in Ms Outlook

With the windows-mail-junk-email-updateamount of spam emails floating around the internet refusing to go down despite best efforts from law enforcement agencies and ISPs, it is now largely up to individual users and software companies to tackle the menace. When it comes to Ms Outlook, the application comes loaded with a sophisticated junk filter that gets continuously updated with fresh definitions by Microsoft. In this article we would explore how Microsoft looks at different sources to identify spam and what you can do to counter spam.


Improving the Junk Filter in Outlook

While the Junk filter options in Outlook are more or less similar in appearance over the last few iterations, Microsoft has modified its algorithm quite a bit to tackle the menace of spam emails. Incidentally the software giant has huge database of spam markers that it can obtain from its online email platforms such as Outlook.com and Office365 etc. Further it also is helped by countless Outlook users who specifically report spam emails to the company. Based on the knowledge, engineers at Microsoft have improved the spam filtration algorithm over the years and Outlook incidentally has one of most sophisticated spam filtering mechanism for desktop based email clients.


Reporting Spam to Microsoft

In case you have been frequently receiving spam emails from a dubious source, you can report such emails to Microsoft and such an effort on your part can help the company improve its filters. There is a specific Junk Email Reporting add-in available for download from the Microsoft’s website which allows you to directly report an email as spam from the Outlook mail client.


Keeping Junk Filter definitions updated

Since Microsoft rolls out Junk filter updates through regular Windows updates, you just need to ensure that these get downloaded automatically and are installed without delay.


Set the Junk Filtering Options to High

As a rule you should always keep the Junk filter options in Outlook to high. This not only reduces amount of junk emails you receive but also brings down the chances of a phishing attack. To do so you need to click on Actions in the Outlook toolbar and then click on Junk Email tab and move to Junk Email options. In the subsequent screen, under the first tab, check the High option.


Keeping the Data Stored in your email client safe from unexpected flaws

While the Outlook email client is strong in its feature list, its robustness has always been a suspect. It is incredibly vulnerable to PST errors that can in some cases thoroughly corrupt the email data. Only an outlook recovery tool such as DataNumen Outlook Repair can help you get back your important emails from an acute case of PST corruption. While some may suggest you to use the Microsoft’s inbuilt recovery tool, ScanPST.exe, the same is not reliable and may work as desired. In contrast the DataNumen Outlook Repair has a stellar success rate and it can complete the recovery process in considerably less amount of time.


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