Know More About the Weather Bar Feature in Outlook 2013

With the Outlook 2013 edition Microsoft img_wing-weatherFhas rolled out a set of rather well thought out features that are designed to improve the overall experience of using the email client. From features such as a People’s Hub to sleek changes in the user interface, a host of salient changes are likely to greet an Outlook user upgrading to this version. While the big ticket changes were always likely to get a lot of attention, it seems the simple weather bar that has found its place in this edition is grabbing a lot of eyeballs. Not only does the weather bar allow you to know the weather across your city, it can also showcase a host of associated information on the calendar too. Let’s explore the feature in detail.


Finding the Weather Bar

The weather bar is placed as default just a little over the actual calendar in Outlook 2013. Primarily designed to give you up to date information of coming days, the weather bar can prove useful while setting meetings or events. Typically the weather bar showcases two days in most systems while you can accommodate a third day at higher resolutions.


Selecting your Location

Based on your need you can select the desired city to find more about its weather. One just needs to use the drop down mark besides the current city to view the available choices. It also gives you the choice to add a location of your choice by searching for it by zip code. Moreover if you happen to travel a lot, you can find out the weather in a different city with ease.


Activating the Weather Bar and Choosing the Temperature format

One must note that it is necessary to activate the weather bar to make it visible. To do so you need to go to Outlook options and then move to the Calendar tab. In the bottom of the panel you will find option to display weather on the calendar. Just below it you would get the choice to select the temperature format in either Celsius or Fahrenheit


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