Key Reasons Why MS Outlook is better then Mozilla Thunderbird

When we compare desktop email clients available today, the Ms Outlook application steals a march over its nearest competitor, the Mozilla Thunderbird.

Key Reasons Why MS Outlook is better then Mozilla Thunderbird
For a good period of time, there was hardy any reliable alternative to the Outlook desktop email client. In fact many folks in the open source computing space were eagerly advocating an alternative to Outlook that can match its finesse. Looking at the popularity of Microsoft Outlook, and need for an alternative, Mozilla came up with a bit similar thing called Thunderbird. Though, the key features of both MS Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird are same, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Reading this article, you will get a clear idea of why MS Outlook is better than Mozilla Thunderbird.
Before we go on to look at the differences between Outlook and Thunderbird, it’s better to know what is Outlook and what is Thunderbird actually? Well, Outlook is an information manager launched by Microsoft for personal use of the user. User can use it with the whole MS Office Pack, or separately as an application. It comes packed with features like contact manager, task manager, calendar, web browsing and note application.
On the other hand, Thunderbird is a project started by Mozilla, best known for its Mozilla Firefox. It is not only a cross platform email but also a news feed client and a newsgroup. User can easily manage a number of email accounts using Thunderbird. It comes packed with features like labels for finding messages, message filtering, quick search and virtual folders. Mozilla has developed Thunderbird in such a way that it supports IMAP, POP and LDAP.
Now, let us see the Advantages of MS Outlook one by one. Firstly, it works wonders on the backbone of an Microsoft Exchange Server. Next, it offers virtual folders, easy conversations, flexible search and mail grouping for an easy organization of the mailbox. Lastly, it provides the user with a number of features like to-do lists, social networking updates, email messages and scheduling too.
Talking about the Advantages of Mozilla Thunderbird, firstly, it can be operated from any operating system and offers to read RSS feeds. Secondly, it does provide spam filter and security firewalls through Bayesian filtering. Thirdly, it can be easily downloaded free of cost from any operating system. Fourthly, it enables the user to view, filter, fast search, tag smart folders for an easy management of the mailbox. Lastly, it offers a number of extensions and themes.
On the other hand, the Disadvantages of Thunderbird include, inefficiency in showing related messages, posts and sites documents. Secondly, it’s RSS feed reader is not integrated properly and can be improved. Moreover, it doesn’t provide easy configuration for a number of security features.
However where Outlook takes the cake is usability. In its latest iterations like Outlook 2013, it has included user friendly features such as a People Hub, Weather bar, clutter free interface and a responsive reading pane amongst others which are all designed to improved productivity.
MS Outlook has its own set of Disadvantages too like PST crashes
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