Key Reasons Why Ms SQL Server tops MySQL any day

In this article we look at why Ms SQL Server is a better choice than the open source MySQL for many companies.

SQL Server Vs MySQLMS SQL and MySQL are two different database solutions, with very distinctive origins. While the MS SQL server is a proprietary solution from Microsoft, the MySQL database is an open source solution which has found quite a fan following amongst web developers. However from a pure play enterprise database solution, the Ms SQL Server application is considered way superior to MySQL. Let’s look at some quick references listed telling why you should prefer Microsoft SQL Server:

  1. SQL Server by Microsoft fulfils the standards prescribed by ANSI for SQL. ANSI stands for American National Standards Institute, is an international organisation that is responsible for laying these standards. In contrast, MySQL has still not reached that standard. It has some of its limitations like, a lack of features. It does not support some development functions.
  1. Data Security is one of the most essential components of any Database Management System. Ms SQL Server brings for you the most reliable data security options. One of these is called Microsoft Baseline Security Analyser. MySQL has relative shortcomings in this aspect.
  1. Continuous Improvements in the MS SQL Server has over a period of time overtaken the feature set present in MySQL, especially when it comes to enterprise use.
  1. Lack of standardization of MySQL edition makes it a challenge for enterprise wide deployment. If you have different MySQL instances deployed at different geographical locations, there is chance that the publisher of the database solution is different. In case of Ms SQL Server, standardization is easy to define and implement.
  1. Restore DataRestoring data in MySQL implementation can be a huge challenge as compared to a Ms SQL Server implementation where restoring data from backup is effortlessly easy.
  1. Query caching and related performance tuning options in SQL Server are way ahead of those present in MySQL. In case you are running a data intensive, line of business application in your company, it is better to opt for a MS SQL Server database solution.

It is important to create a data recovery protocol to avoid data loss after a SQL Server crash

SQL crashes can occur at any point of time and there is hardly any assured mechanism of avoiding them completely. However we can always put in place, a recovery protocol to ensure no data is lost due to a SQL crash. The protocol should revolve around a specialized sql server recovery tool like DataNumen SQL Recovery application which can assuredly get back all the data stored in the application. This powerful application can tackle a wide range of storage media formats and is scarcely challenged by the size of a corrupted SQL data file.

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