Key Points To Consider While Resetting A Mailbox For OST Recovery

You might know that the problem of losing OST files can be solved by setting a mailbox for OST files recovery but how to do that might still be a question for you. Let us look at some of the key points to consider while resetting a mailbox for OST files recovery.

The first thing you should know for resetting a mailbox for OST recovery is to stop the Information Store service. You must also delete the entire database along with all the log files. Once you have done this, you are required to restart the Information Store service. You will then notice that new database files are created for OST recovery. Don’t worry your accounts will not be affected by this procedure. However, while logging again, all the server based information of the user disappears.

Another key point to consider while resetting a mailbox for OST recovery is to know that private information store can also contain message delivery queues for a number of different connectors, such as Internet Mail Service. Remember that when you reset the information store during the transitioning of the messages in the queues, all the messages are lost.

Now, it’s time for you to know which are the two scenarios in which you might need to reset the information store. Firstly, it helps you in troubleshooting, when you suspect that any symptom is caused due to a problem in the current database. This is the situation when all the database folders on your all drives are renamed. This is not all; empty database folders are also created in the place of old ones in order to create a new data base. To use this procedure, you need to first disable the connectors like the message transfer agent or MTA for preventing new items that are delivered in the test database. Once, this troubleshooting is finished you can rename the folders for restoring the original database.

The second situation in which you might require to reset the information store is as a part of a “restore service now, restore data later” disaster recovery strategy. In other words, when a database is damaged, you can reset the information store to enable the clients can immediately log on, send and receive new mails. Keep in mind that Exchange mailbox for OST recovery usually contains more data that the messages and items that are visible. These metadata comprises of personal forms, rules, all folder permissions, offline folder files and custom folder views.

You must also keep in mind that fore resetting a mailbox for OST recovery, the strategies described here are labor intensive. They are manual intervention on a mailbox by mailbox basis. The suggestions described in this article are not meant for making or restoring online backups of your Exchange databases. Software like DataNumen Exchange Recovery can be used for OST recovery with ease in order to minimize the loss of data in any uncertain situation.

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