Key Features to Expect in Upcoming SQL Server 2014

imagesA large of number of large and small businesses today have placed their faith in the MS SQL Server database application for managing their records in a safe and effective manner. This versatile database product has been able to retain its credibility over the years owing to the technological improvements made in each of the iterations. With the 2014 edition expected to be released in near future, most SQL Server enthusiasts are already waiting in anticipation to explore the new features, some of which we have listed below.


  • Get Insights like Never Before with Improved Business Intelligence features

Companies today are experiencing a need to make sense of data records which seem to grow with every passing day. Gaining insights from a deluge of data requires strong BI features in your database application and Microsoft seems to have given it the due attention. From enhancements such as a sophisticated Power View to Pivot table additions go a long way in helping end users gain precise insights. Microsoft has also improved the semantic modeling capacity in its flagship database product and has simplified the process of creating big data warehouses.


  • Memory Optimization Manager to help improve performance

In the 2014 edition, Microsoft has clearly focused on improving key performance parameters and with the memory optimization manager it attempts to help you migrate to OLTP based tables with ease. The advisor is essentially a wizard tool that allows you to complete the migration process without much effort and even offers you checklists to validate the process. Once disk based tables are migrated to in memory ones, your applications would become much more responsive and a significance difference in performance would be noticed for resource intensive applications.


  • Comprehensive Security Enhancements

With an eye on improving the overall security scenario related with the use of SQL Server, Microsoft has introduced a whole set of permissions. These include alerts for database session events to features to block logins impersonations. Moreover you can now look to encrypt your backup files using the strong 256 bit AES encryption standard. Other supported encryption standards include the likes of 3DES and RC4 amongst others.


  • How to keep your SQL Server files safe

As with every software chances of data corruption and crashes always tend to tag along. The same is true for SQL Server and it is expected that someday you may end up experiencing a server crash where your critical SQL data comes at risk. Now there are two specific ways in which you can ensure business continuity while working with SQL server. First you need to enforce that backups are duly taken and solid recovery processes are in place. Next you also need to keep a powerful sql recovery tool in the vicinity, like the DataNumen SQL repair, which can help you recover files in case of sql corruption. Incidentally this versatile utility, in most cases, will be able to dig out data from compromised sql data files with ease, irrespective of the storage media and can even work on SSD drives.


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