What to Do If Your iPhone Gets Stuck in Recovery Mode?

When your iPhone gets stuck in recovery mode, you will be unable to turn it on, not to mention to use it or access your iPhone data. Therefore, if your iPhone is stuck in recovery mode, you can follow the 3 steps in the article to escape from this issue.

Recovery mode is indeed useful in many cases that it can resolve lots of issues on your iPhone. For example, if you discover that you’re unable to update or restore your iPhone, it is advisable to put the iPhone into recovery mode and then update or restore it via iTunes. For another common instance, provided that you forget the password to access your iPhone, you can apply the recovery mode to restore the iPhone to unlock it.

iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode

However, iPhone is quite vulnerable when it is in recovery mode. That is to say, if something wrong occurs in this process, your iPhone will be likely to get stuck in the recovery mode. In this case, you will be unable to turn on the iPhone, let alone to access the data stored in it. It can be pretty catastrophic. So in response to this issue, you can follow the steps mentioned below to get rid of it.

Step 1: Get Your iPhone Out of Recovery Mode via DFU Mode

Without any doubts, the first step is to get your iPhone out of recovery mode. The best and most effective trick is to restore it to factory setting via Device Firmware Upgrade Mode (DFU Mode). This mode will thoroughly erase all the data on the iPhone. Here are the elaborate steps.

  1. Firstly, ensure your iPhone is kept connected to the computer and iTunes is turned on.
  2. Then you can enter the DFU mode by the following instructions:
  • If your iPhone is in 6s or 6s Plus or earlier versions:

Press and hold on the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons in the meantime for 8 minutes or so. Then release the Sleep/Wake button but proceed to press the Home button until you see iTunes, prompting you to restore the iPhone. At this time, release the Home button.

  • If your iPhone is in 7 or 7 Plus version, the previous “Home” button has been replaced with “Volume Down” button.
  1. After that, if your iPhone has succeeded in entering DFU mode, the device’s screen will get in black.
  2. Subsequently, iTunes application interface will pop up, in which you should click the “OK” button and then press “Restore iPhone”.
  3. Next your iPhone will entirely get back to its factory settings.

Step 2: Install the Latest iOS on Your iPhone

Now that your iPhone is totally restored to the factory settings, it means that you have gotten a fresh new iPhone. At this point, you need to download and install the latest iOS version on this new iPhone.

Step 3: Recover Data to the iPhone

After your iPhone has been in the latest iOS version, what you should do next is to recover your original data on the iPhone. When it comes to data recovery, you will surely think of data backup. For instance, if you wish to recover PST data on a PC, using backed up PST file is quite simple. The same holds true for recovering iPhone data. Thus, here we will offer you 4 means.

1.  Recover from iTunes Backup

IPhone comes with a good tool – iTunes, which is not only a music player, but also is a good multimedia content manager and hardware sync manager. Thus, many are using it to back up their iPhone data. If you have backed up your iPhone data through iTunes, you can easily recover from the iTunes backed up files.

2.  Recover from iCloud Backup

Apart from iTunes, Apple also has a dedicated backup feature for iDevice. It is the iCloud, which can automatically back up files onto your own private cloud space. So if you’ve backed up your iPhone data through iCloud, you can restore the data from the iCloud with utmost ease.

3.  Recover via Third Party Tool

By the above 2 means, you can directly restore all the iTunes or iCloud backed up data without selection. But sometimes, perhaps you would like to select what to be recovered and what not. In this case, you can resort to some third party software. There are many such tools in the today’s market.

4.  Recover through Third Party Service

If you are not sure that you can properly recover the data on your own, it is also a good choice for you to take recourse to third party recovery services. They can help you retrieve iPhone data with expert knowledge. But no matter using 3rd party tool or selecting 3rd party service, you should keep cautious all the time and never trust in unreliable ones readily.

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