Inbox Repair Tool Simply Hangs Up – What are your Options?

maxresdefaultEven if you give a focused look at the Microsoft Outlook application, you would find it difficult to criticize it on account of its feature set or performance. The only key area where this remarkable application is challenged is its data storage format which is known to be prone to errors. In fact PST errors are by and large the most serious challenge that an Outlook user is likely to expect, where there is an actual threat to the underlying data getting compromised. Now the software behemoth Microsoft is quite familiar with this flaw and it tries to help meet such unfortunate issues by packing a recovery tool called ScanPST.exe with the Office application which incidentally is also know as the Inbox Repair Tool. Typically the application is first call for most users who experience a PST related crash and at times the software is not successful in completing the recovery process. Worst still are the cases where it just hangs during a recovery process and leaves you wondering what to do next. Now if the Inbox Repair Tool ever hangs while it is processing, please follow the steps listed below in order.


Step 1: Force Close the Inbox Repair Application and Restart the Computer

If the Inbox Repair Tool just got stuck while attempting to repair a PST file which has been corrupted, you should immediately use the Task Manager to close the program. Once done, just restart the computer.


Step 2: Make a Copy of the PST file

Just to be on the safer side you should immediately make a copy of the PST data file and store it in a removable media or a separate disk. This is primarily done as a matter of abundant caution, so as to safeguard the underlying data from vagaries of logical errors.


Step 3: Attempt to recover the file again using ScanPST.exe

Now once a backup copy has been safely tucked away, you can once again use the Inbox Repair Tool to repair the Outlook data file. In case it still hangs up, move on to a specialized recovery tool.


Step 4: Use a Specialized Recovery Application to Get back your compromised data

If you are still unable to retrieve the data then you should immediately get a specialized recovery application to get back your lost data. When you are looking at procuring an outlook recovery tool then the DataNumen Outlook Repair should be your first choice. The application is head and shoulders above any other applications in its class and has a consistent track record of a stellar success rate. In fact the tool is likely to recover the PST file which the Inbox Repair Tool was experiencing difficulty in processing within minutes. As opposed to the Inbox Repair Tool, this versatile application can tackle humungous files with aplomb and can handle nearly any media type. Moreover it can be used to search out the location of a corrupted file or even get back emails that got deleted by human error.


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