How to Import Contacts into Outlook in Batches

In this article, we will explore how to import all kinds of contact information into Microsoft Outlook, which is used mainly as an e-mail application.

As a part of the Microsoft Office suite, Microsoft Outlook owns lots of functions, including e-mail, calendar, task manager, contact manager, note taking, journal, etc.

In our daily life, we have a massive number of contacts. Towards these contacts, MS Outlook is especially designed with a “contacts” section. Users can classify all contacts according to differences of business, location as well as relationship. By categorization, we have no need to search our target contacts throughout all contacts. Thus we should make full use of the “Contacts” section.


If we have a sheet full of much contact information in an excel file, we can import these contacts into MS Outlook in batches. If we type these contacts into MS Outlook one by one, it will be time-consuming. In fact, there is a good and quick method to import these contacts. Here are specific steps.

First Step: Create a Folder in Outlook 

We would be required to create a folder under the “Contacts” section. Firstly, you should click the “Contacts” section. Then you will see all the folders. Next you can create a folder by a right click. Later you will see a pop-up window, which is offered to name and classify the folder. Finally, you just click on “Yes” button, and a folder is created successfully.

Second Step: Deal Well with Contacts in Excel

Open the excel file, containing all contacts. Then select the contact information to be imported. And change the name of the selected part on the naming location in the formula bar. You could just name it as “Contacts”. This step is really vital due to the fact that MS outlook can just import the named part rather than the whole excel.

Third Step: Import Contacts from Excel to Outlook

Restart MS Outlook. Pitch on “File” Option on the top of interface. Click “open” option, and you will see the “Import” Option. You should locate and click it. Later A pop-up window named “Import and export Wizard” will turn up. Pitch on the “Import from another program or file” and click “Next>” button. Then select “Microsoft Excel 97-2003” option and click “Next>”. Then you can choose target excel and click “Replace duplicates with item imported” option. And choose the target file folder – Contacts. Next you should map custom fields, that is to say, make imported data to correspond to related option in MS Outlook. Finally click on “Finish” button so that the whole importing procedure is done. You will see all the contacts in Outlook.

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