How to Solve “Unable to display the folder” Error in Outlook

This article helps you to understand what the outlook error “Unable to display the folder” means and provides infallible tips on how to resolve the problem.

How to Solve “Unable to display the folder” Error in Outlook

If you use MS Outlook for your email communication, you will admit that it’s a robust and reliable application. However, just like any other computer program, it is susceptible to corruption. When this happens, the application fails to operate as it should. You may encounter various error messages and fail to access your mailbox data. The above-mentioned error is one of the common problems users face due to mailbox corruption.

What to do when you get this error

This occurs when you try to launch MS Outlook. This means that you cannot access your mailbox data. It is important to note that while file corruption is one of the most probable reasons why this happens, there may be other causes not related to MS Outlook. Therefore, you will need to verify that the error you are receiving is caused by PST file corruption.

For starters, confirm that your computer is working properly and that you do not have a hardware problem. You can achieve this by using the device manager. Also, confirm that your PC doesn’t have any software issues. Look out for signs such as sluggish behavior, hanging, or sudden shutdown.

Computers can also be infected by malware. These programs run in the background and affect the proper running of the machine. Therefore, check the device manager utility to confirm the processes that are running on your PC. If you find something unusual, stop the process and remove the malware.

Sometimes, you could have bulky programs that use most of your computer memory and thus affect the performance of other applications. In this case, it is advisable to avoid opening Outlook when using such applications, otherwise, get a machine with higher processing power.

Try to run other applications and see whether you will experience any problem. If your machine is working properly but the Outlook error still persists, then it’s possible that the problem is related to Outlook file corruption. Now you can try the following methods to resolve the error.

Use Microsoft’s Outlook repair software for Outlook

Microsoft has developed a specialized tool that you can use to resolve most problems that occur when using Outlook. This is the SCANPST tool, which is part of the Outlook software package. You can use it to repair your PST files, which contain your mailbox data. To use, close outlook and launch the program. You can find it under program files as part of Outlook system files. Use the ‘Browse’ button to locate your corrupt PST file. This software allows you to back up your file. Therefore, make sure that you tick this option before you begin the recovery process.

Once the process is finished, you will be able to access the PST file through Outlook. Unfortunately, any data that is not recovered when you use this method, it is deleted and lost. That’s where the backup file comes in handy. If this happens, use a third-party tool to recover your files, as explained below.

Recover your mailbox data with DataNumen Outlook Repair

This tool recovers what the Outlook repair software is unable to repair. Moreover, the software doesn’t delete uncovered data. To increase the probability of recovering most of your mailbox data, use the corruption file in its original format, i.e. use the backup copy. The good thing is that the tool is accompanied with easy to follow steps to recover your mailbox data.

DataNumen Outlook Repair

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