How to Solve the Access Error “The Microsoft Jet Database Engine Could Not Find the Object”

Find practical ways to fix the MS Access error that displays when the database engine can’t find an object and get your database running optimally again.

How to Solve the Access Error “The Microsoft Jet Database Engine Could Not Find the Object”

If you wish to build a robust, yet simple database for your organization, then MS Access is your best bet. This application is easy to master and people with average IT skills can successfully use it to develop great databases. When an access database gets corrupted, it can be impossible to access affected objects. This can trigger the subject error every time you try to open your files. What can you do to fix it?

1.      Use your backup file to restore the corrupt Access file

Backups come in handy when a database gets corrupted. If your backup database is up-to-date, your best option is to use it to restore the corrupt file. To achieve this, make a copy of the backup file and rename it accordingly. You can delete the corrupt file or rename it. In case the backup file is lacking important information, consider creating the missing information manually. Sometimes this option could be impossible, and the only way out is salvaging data from the corrupt database as discussed below.

2.      Try to repair your database

If all or part of the data contained in the damaged file is not backed up, it is wise to make a copy of the database before you commence the recovery process.  Now, start MS Access and select ‘Database Tools’. Go to ‘Compact and Repair Database’. This option allows you to repair the damaged database. If all goes well, the errors in your file will be fixed and you will access the database. Unfortunately, this option may not resolve your problem. If this happens, your best option will be using a specialized data recovery tool.

3.      Use DataNumen Access Repair

The DataNumen Access Repair tool succeeds where manual recovery methods fail. It is also the best third-party Access repair and recovery in the market with an average success rate of 93.34%. To use this software, start by downloading and installing it on your PC. Also, remember to purchase a license from the company to enable you to use all features of this Access repair and recovery application.

DataNumen Access Repair

Before you start using this tool, close the damaged file as well as the MS Access software. Ensure that no software that can execute the database files is open. This is because such applications may access the target file and make it impossible to repair the document. Now launch the recovery software and navigate to the ‘Repair’ section.

Browse your computer to locate the damaged database and set it as the source file. Specify the output details which will include the destination location, filename, and file format. Also, check the ‘Options’ section if you need to modify the repair and recovery settings. If you are satisfied with the settings, begin the repair process and wait until the progress bar hits 100%. A pop-up message will also alert you when the Access recovery process is finished. Check the output file to ensure that all data is available.

Now, create a new database and import items from the recovered file to the new database. This will help you restore your database to the original form. Remember to discard the corrupt file.

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