How to Resolve the “Data error. Cyclic redundancy check.” Problem in Outlook

Find an answer to the question “how do you resolve “Data error. Cyclic redundancy check.” problem in Outlook?” and other insights about this error in this post.

How to Resolve the “Data error. Cyclic redundancy check.” Problem in Outlook

MS Outlook is a very popular email software that is used by both corporates and individuals. One advantage of using outlook is that you get to save your email communication on your personal computer. You can also save your mailbox data on a portable drive with ease. This gives you quick access to your information when you need it. However, your files can face unprecedented damage and make them inaccessible. This may trigger the above error. What do you do when this happens?

We take a deep dive into causes of this error and outline practical steps you can take to resolve it.

Understanding the CRC error

Data error. Cyclic redundancy check.

Unfortunately, you will not get a warning before encountering this error. Worse still, most people have no clue what causes it and what to do when it happens. For starters, Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) is a data verification process that computing devices use to ensure data integrity on storage media and networks when performing read and write instructions. If for any reason errors occur when updating or changing data, the system will trigger the CRC error.

What does the error mean?

In the case of Outlook, this error may indicate difficulties in saving mailbox data on a network drive or storage disk. There are several reasons that can cause this problem. For instance, if you suffer a network failure when downloading your emails, your mailbox data may be corrupted and fail to pass the cyclic redundancy check verification. If you are dealing with removable storage disks, dismounting the media abruptly when the data transfer process is in progress may lead to errors when storing mailbox data.

It is also important to note that this problem can occur when saving mailbox data on a corrupt disk. In this case, it doesn’t mean that your information is corrupt but the storage media.

Other reasons that may trigger a CRC error

Another reason that can trigger this error is when your computer registry becomes corrupt and affects critical Outlook files. Moreover, if MS Office suite didn’t install properly, you can get this error when launching Outlook. It is therefore important to make sure that your email client software is properly installed and configured at all times.

Why should you care when you face this error?

If you come across this error, you need to act swiftly to avert data loss especially if you were in the process of transferring mailbox data from your computer to a storage device. This is because the error signifies that your data transfer procedure was unsuccessful or the destination storage device cannot be accessed. In both scenarios, the risk of losing data is very high.

Possible approaches to fixing this error

To resolve this error, you need to apply an investigative approach. As discussed above, errors in your computer hardware or software can cause this error. You can fix it by adopting the approaches below:

1.      Run a CHKDSK Command on the affected disk

This method involves running the CHKDSK tool by right-clicking the target disk or running the cmd command prompt. It is important to note that the CHKDSK command will only repair minor errors. It will also not work on DVDs or CDs since such errors could be caused by scratches which may be impossible to fix.

2.      Fix corrupt Outlook mailbox data

The above procedure should fix problems associated with your disk. However, if the problem persists, the Outlook PST file could be the problem. Try to fix it using an Outlook recovery kit. However, be wary with this method because any objects that are not recovered could be lost.

To be on the safe side, use the DataNumen Outlook Repair tool as it maximizes your chances of repairing and recovering most of your data. This is because the software is specially built to fix Outlook data.

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