How to Recover Your Outlook Data from a VMWare Virtual Machine

In this post, you will learn about the different approaches you can use to recover your mailbox data from a VMware virtual machine.

DataNumen Outlook Repair

Businesses use VMWare Virtual Machines for various applications. For instance, a virtual machine provides a controlled environment where companies can test new applications without affecting the performance of the host computers.

Also, multiple firms can cut the cost of their IT infrastructure by using a single host machine to support multiple virtual machines. Users can install Outlook on their virtual machines. Sometimes Outlook mailbox data on these machines can get corrupted. What should you do?

Scenario 1: Your VMWare virtual machine is accessible but the PST file is corrupt

It is important to understand that a VMWare virtual machine behaves just like a physical computer. In this case, your PST file will be inaccessible, but all other functions of the machine will operate as usual. Therefore, install an Outlook repair and recovery software such as DataNumen Outlook Repair on your virtual machine. Before you repair the corrupt files, close MS Outlook, and any other software that could access your mailbox data.

Start the software, input the source files as well as the output parameters, and start the recovery process. The good thing about this software is that it’s easy to use. Once your mailbox data is recovered you will get a message showing that the recovery process was successful. You can now open MS Outlook on your VMWare virtual machine and access your files.

You can also opt to copy the corrupt PST file from the virtual machine to the host computer. In this case, install the PST file repair and recovery software on the physical machine and follow the normal procedure of recovering your mailbox data as explained above. Once you repair the file, transfer them to the virtual machine. Here you’ll be able to open them using Outlook.

Scenario 2: When either or both the VMWare virtual machine and PST file are inaccessible

Situations can occur that render both the virtual machine and PST file inaccessible. For instance, when the virtual machine crashes and cannot be opened, when there’s accidental formatting of the virtual disk hence deleting the PST file permanently, or when the virtual machine is corrupt and cannot open.

Here, it’s helpful to install the DataNumen Outlook Repair tool to the host computer. When choosing the input parameters on the ‘Repair’ tab, choose the virtual storage drive as the source file. The application will scan the disk, recover the damaged files or delete mailbox data and output it as PST files.

Final thoughts

VMWare virtual machines are used widely across the globe for various reasons. For instance, when testing new software, virtual machines provide a safe environment that protects data on the host computer. Virtual machines also allow companies to cut the cost of buying new machines, as one machine can be used by multiple employees.

When Outlook PST files on a VMWare virtual machine become damaged and the machine is still accessible, install a data recovery application on the virtual computer and repair the faulty files. You could also opt to copy the corrupt files to the host computer and recover them from there. However, should the virtual machine crash or you accidentally delete your PST files, install the mailbox data recovery software on the host machine, and input the virtual disk as the source file. These approaches will help you recover your PST files from a VMWare virtual machine.

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