How to Recover Your Emails from Outlook Temporary Files

Learn about the various procedures you can apply when you want to recover your emails from Outlook temporary files.

How to Recover Your Emails from Outlook Temporary Files

MS Outlook stands out as one of the popular client email software in the world. Unfortunately, just like other computer files, Outlook mailbox data is prone to becoming corrupted by sudden power failure, damaged storage devices, and malware. These factors render mailbox data inaccessible and can lead to the loss of vital business information. What can you do to restore it to proper functioning?

Consider using manual methods

When you discover that mailbox data is corrupt, consider recovering it through manual methods. For starters, if you had created backups for your Outlook data, restore your emails. This way, you’ll be able to access your files. However, this method works only if your backup files are healthy. It’s possible for backups to get damaged as well.

If you have no backups, try to repair your PST files. The good news is that Outlook comes with repair software known as Scanpst. To use it, close Outlook and any other application that could be accessing the PST files. Start the software, identify the target PST file, then begin the repair process. If all goes well, your files will be recovered. Unfortunately, this method does not always fix all issues related to PST file corruption.

Use specialized tools

Sometimes the backup files may be deleted permanently. In this case, it is advisable to create a disk image of your hard drive and use specialized software to salvage your data. Among the best tools you’ll come across in this field is the DataNumen Outlook Repair. With this tool, you repair your disk image and recover the lost mail data.

DataNumen Outlook Repair

Restore your mailbox data using temporary files

When Outlook creates a PST file, a corresponding temporary file is also created in the same folder. However, the system hides this file and you won’t see it under normal folder settings. But if by any chance you delete or lose your PST file, the temporary file remains. To view, adjust your folder options to view hidden files.  The file comes with a .temp extension. Rename this extension so that the result file will have a .pst format.

Launch DataNumen Outlook Repair and use the new PST file as the source file. Now rename the output file and choose an appropriate location to save it. Begin the recovery process and monitor the progress bar until it hits 100%. This shows that the restoration process is completed. You’ll receive a notification indicating how many items were recovered. Now, open outlook and try to open the restored data to find out whether you got back the intended files.

Final Thoughts

MS Outlook is undoubtedly a popular client email software in the world. Just like other computer applications, it is susceptible to data corruption which is caused by diverse reasons such as malware attacks and abrupt power failure when the application is in use. There are several ways you can use to retrieve your mailbox data using corrupt PST files. These include using the Scanpst tool and specialized software such as DataNumen Outlook Repair.

However, when the PST file is deleted, you can salvage your data using the temporary file created by Outlook. Enable folder options to view the hidden file and convert it to a PST file. Then use it as the source to recover your mailbox data using DataNumen Outlook Repair.

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