How to Recover SQL Server Data from VMWare Virtual Machine

In today’s post, you will find creative ways to recover SQL data from VMWare virtual machine.

How to Recover SQL Server Data from VMWare Virtual Machine

Virtual computers come in handy when you want to run programs with different system requirements on the same host. When disaster strikes and you are unable to access data on your virtual machine, you need to get creative.

Instances that may necessitate the recovery of SQL server files from VMWare virtual computer

You may need to recover SQL server files from a virtual machine if you delete them by mistake, format your virtual disk, or if the virtual computer gets corrupted and becomes inaccessible. In such cases, you need to devise creative methods to recover your data. Here are examples of approaches you can use to fix this problem when:

a.      The VMWare virtual machine is accessible

If it is a case of deleted files and you can still access the virtual machine, install a specialized SQL Server repair and recovery tool such as DataNumen SQL Recovery on the virtual computer. Use the virtual disk as the source file and scan for deleted files. On the ‘Options’ tab, make sure the checkbox marked ‘Recover deleted records’ is checked and tap the ‘Start Repair’ button. This will recover deleted files. The advantage of using this tool is that it fixes any corruption issues associated with the recovered files.

DataNumen SQL Recovery

Alternatively, you can install a general data recovery tool such as DataNumen Data Recovery and scan your virtual disk. This software recovers all types of data. The application allows you to preview and select the files you want to recover. On the downside, it will not repair corrupt MDF/NDF files.

You can also opt to install the above discussed applications on the host computer. In this scenario, use the virtual disk as the source files. All other steps will remain unchanged.

b.      The virtual computer is inaccessible

When it is impossible to access the VMWare virtual computer, consider using the third approach discussed above. This happens when the virtual machine is corrupt or crashes and cannot operate normally. Here, you install a general data recovery tool or specialized SQL repair software on the host computer such as DataNumen Data Recovery and DataNumen SQL Recovery, respectively. In both scenarios, use the virtual disk as the target data source.

Another viable option is to create a disk image of the virtual computer using disk image tools like DataNumen Disk Image. Now, select the image file as the target data source. Scan it using DataNumen Data Recovery to recover the deleted files. This approach has the advantage of preserving the original data source and prevents further file corruption should the recovery attempts fail.

Final Thoughts

When you want to recover corrupt SQL server data from a virtual computer, the approach you use will depend on whether the machine is accessible or not. This will determine where you will install the recovery software. If the virtual machine is operating normally, you can install the recovery tools on it. Otherwise, use the host computer. Another factor to consider is whether the target data is corrupt or not. If the files target files are not corrupt, you can use a general data recovery software, but if you are dealing with corrupt data, use a specialized SQL Server recovery tool.

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