How to Recover Embedded Objects in Outlook Emails

This post provides you with infallible tips on how to recover Outlook embedded objects in Outlook emails and how to access the recovered files.

How to Recover Embedded Objects in Outlook Emails

MS Outlook is widely used for email communication. Information can be shared as text messages, attachments, or embedded objects. Embedded objects allow you to match documents with the relevant information on your email body. This allows recipients to interact with your documents with ease.

To embed documents in an email body, tap the ‘Insert’ tab on the menu bar, and select the ‘Object’ option. This will open a dialogue box that allows you to create an object from a document file. Use the browse option to select the target file and tap the ‘Ok’ button. This will complete the process. An object will be inserted into your email body. Resize to your liking.

Unfortunately, when your mailbox data gets corrupted, you cannot access your embedded files. What can you do?

Recovering Embedded Objects in Outlook

When salvaging mailbox data from corrupt files, it is wise to use methods that maximize your chances by recovering most of your data. One of the best approaches is using specialized tools for recovering Outlook files. For example, DataNumen Outlook Repair is a top data recovery and repair tool in its class. It is specially built to recover Outlook data.

DataNumen Outlook Repair

When compared with other top applications in the market, this software comes top with a recovery rate of 95.7%. Therefore, if you want to fix your file in a single scan, this is the right tool to use.

To achieve your goal, download the file and install it on your PC. Make sure you acquire a valid user license to enable you to exploit the full potential of the software. This is a lifetime license and does not require renewing. Once you activate the application, choose the ‘Repair’ tab.

Input the file you wish to repair and determine the details of the output files. Also, check the ‘Options’ tab to make sure that the option to recover deleted items is checked. This allows you to recover deleted emails that may contain embedded items. Now click the start repair button to commence the recovery process. Keep tabs on the progress bar to gauge the remaining time before the process is completed. The application will also alert you when the process is completed with a pop-up message showing details of the recovered files.

Accessing the recovered objects

To access the target objects after the Outlook recovery process, you will need to have MS Outlook on your computer and an application that can open the embedded object. Launch the Outlook application and open the email that contains the embedded file. Now, double click on the object to open it. If it is a Word document, MS Word will be launched and will open the file. The same will happen for other applications such as MS Excel and Adobe PDF.

Sometimes you may not have the right applications installed on your computer. In this case, download the embedded files and save them on a removable drive. You can then use a computer that has the right programs to open those files or opt to install them on your machine. 

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