How to Recover Corrupted Microsoft Access Databases

Microsoft Access Databases are used to analyze and manage large amounts of data from other programs such as Microsoft Excel. Because they contain so much crucial data that can be hard to recreate, you want to make sure that you can quickly fix corrupted Access databases.

One of the main reasons that businesses like to use Microsoft Access is because it allows them to easily analyze large amounts of data and manage related data in a way that is more efficient than it would be if they used other spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel.

How to Recover Corrupted Microsoft Access Databases

Microsoft Access also allows you to import and connect several data sources into one database. So that means, you can import data from several Excel worksheets into one Microsoft Access database. Not only that but, any changes made to the individual connected files will also be reflected in the Microsoft Access file. So you don’t need to reenter all the data into your “new” Access database.

This ability to connect related data sources in one database also streamlines work processes. Different departments and people can manage different databases and it will all be recorded and incorporated in the bigger Access database.

Do Microsoft Access Databases Get Corrupted?

Unfortunately, Microsoft Access databases are as vulnerable to getting corrupted as any other file format. These are some scenarios where an Access database file can get corrupted:

  1. If your computer shuts down incorrectly, due to a power interruption or surge, while data was being written on the file.
  2. If a file linked to the database gets corrupted, your Access database may get corrupted
  3. If the hard drive or external storage device that you have stored your Access database files on have corrupted or bad sectors
  4. If you were trying to access or download a database over the internet and the transfer was interrupted.
  5. If there is something wrong with your hard drive or it is about to fail
  6. Viruses and malware

What Can be Done to Prevent Data Loss in Microsoft Access?

Luckily, quick action can ensure that any data loss you incur due to a corrupted Microsoft Access database is just temporary. The minute you suspect that data loss has occurred, you should shutdown the program and run a recovery program.

A good recovery software to have installed to deal with data loss emergencies in Microsoft access is DataNumen Access Repair. It can scan your drives and recover and repair any corrupt Access files. If you use a lot of Excel files linked to your Access database, it might also be a good idea to be able to repair and recover damaged Excel files so having DataNumen Excel Repair installed could also help halt data loss.

It is also a good idea to create regular backups of your drives, including your Microsoft Access files, just in case data loss is caused by a total failure of either your hard drive or software. This way you can easily recover your important data and access it on a new device. Install a backup software program on your computer, like DataNumen Disk Image or DataNumen Backup, and set it up to automatically make backups to ensure that your files are safe and you will always have access to your data.

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