How to Recover Corrupt or Lost Access Files

Databases are among the most important tools in modern computers. MS Access is the most used database management system globally. It is part of the MS Office software and enjoys the advantages that come with it. In this article, we will focus on ways to recover Access database files.

How to Recover Corrupt or Lost Access Files

It is depressing to open a database after working on it for a month and find it blank. Data loss is a common occurrence, especially for computers with multiple users.There are many reasons that could lead to loss or corruption of Access files. The most prominent ones are:

1. Hardware failures

Hardware issues, such as running Access on outdated hardware, play a big role in corruption of Access files. The state of your hard disk could also be the reason behind the Access file failing to open. Hard disks are not permanent storage devices because after some time (typically around 10 years), some sectors start to wear off, thereby corrupting the data therein.

2. Internal bugs in Access

Initial versions of MS Access had some bugs which have been fixed in the latest versions. These bugs facilitated the corruption of some (especially large) Access files.

3. Regular data edits in the memo fields

Editing data in the memo fields will not immediately make the file disappear. However, if done frequently, it will eventually change the structure of the database and corrupt it.

4. Bad plug-ins

Improperly designed or installed plug-ins in MS Access can interfere with the databases and corrupt them.

5. Interruptions

During the process of saving the database, another program could interfere and corrupt the data. This is more common when you have many tasks running simultaneously on a low processor computer.

6. Viruses

These are malicious software that attack your files to corrupt or ‘steal’ the data in them. When Access files are attacked, the database structure is compromised.

How Will You Recover Your File?

1. Restore from backup:

It’s always important to back up your files to windows or a cloud-based backup system. If you already have a backup plan, browse through the backup files to see if the problematic Access files is one of them.

2. Delete the .idb file:

This is a file created when a database is open and gets automatically deleted when the file is closed. It’s usually created to stop another user from opening a database that is already being edited. To delete it:

  1. Open file explorer.
  2. Click the view tab.
  3. Click the hidden items check box.
  4. Locate the problematic Access file in windows explorer.
  5. Delete the .idb file below it.
  6. Try opening the access file again.

3. Import the database into MS Access:

If the above methods fail, you can try importing the corrupted database into Access.

  1. Open Access and select “create new”.
  2. Click on Access – import Access database under external data tab.

4. If the above methods fail, the file is significantly corrupted and needs a stronger solution.

DataNumen Access Repair is a reliable data recovery software with the highest success rates in the industry. It will repair immensely corrupted Access files and recover the lost or deleted ones. It is also very easy to use and does not require any special skills.

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