How to recover a damaged PDF file?

Excessive use of a PDF file tends to damage or corrupt the document which contains information. Recovering the document becomes necessary as it contains information required by user. A PDF document is used by individuals or organisations in order to store and share data that they deem important. 

One of the most prominent factor that has resulted in the universal adoption of Adobe’s PDF file format is that users can make their documents as creative and attractive as possible. A PDF document can be designed using texts in almost every font, color and size and images can also be  used on the document in order to make it more attractive. The PDF file format is used by almost every company or publisher or maker of reports to create documents. What makes the file format universal is the fact that anyone with access to a computer or a mobile device can view or create a PDF file across multiple platforms. Therefore, when a file becomes corrupted or damaged, it is of utmost importance that the file or the data within the file is recovered, in order to avoid any inconvenience due to loss of information. PDF recovery can be performed using some of the tools available in the market, including Advanced PDF Recovery tool, which is a powerful data recovery tool from Data Numen that allows users to easily repair and recover damaged or corrupt PDF files. The importance of recovering data from a damaged PDF file can be measured from the manner in which users use the file format in order to store all kinds of information. Reports, accounts information, research in universities, and just about anything. Therefore, users must always keep a recovery tool around that could minimise the damage. Advanced PDF Recovery is capable of recovering as much data as possible from the damaged file, so that users can use what is left of the damaged file. For PDF recovery, users would be first require to download and install the Advanced PDF Recovery software. Before starting the application, users need to make sure that they have closed the Adobe Acrobat Reader or any other ebook application that they use. It interferes with the software trying to access the damaged file. After initiating the application, users can select the file that need to be recovered by clicking on the ‘…’ button or they can type the file name manually. The software also allows users to search their computer for the PDF file that need recovering. When users select the files, the application automatically names the file according to the name of the source file and saves it in the PDF format. Users who wish to give the file can do so. When the file name is decided, users can click on the ‘Start Repair’ button in order to begin the recovery process. This could take some time, depending on the size of the file or the type of data that needs to be recovered. The best part about the application is that users can view the repaired PDF file from within the application, in the recovered document viewer. Users can access this function after the PDF document is recovered. The quality of PDF recovery can be judged by the fact that the application recovers the maximum amount of data than any other software product.

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