How to Prevent Permanent Data Loss in Physical Hard Drive Failure

A physical hard drive failure, when your hard drive is no longer able to boot up properly, can lead to data loss if you don’t act quickly. It is important to have regular backups made of your files in order to ensure that data loss due to a physical hard drive failure does not become permanent.

A hard drive crash occurs when your computer or laptops hard disk can no longer function properly. Sometimes this occurs because of a physical hard drive failure.

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A physical hard drive failure renders your data and files inaccessible and can lead to files being lost or erased. Considering how much valuable data that we keep stored on our hard drives, we want to ensure that we are protected from this sort of data loss.

Why does a physical hard drive failure occur?

When a computer or laptop has been through a traumatic incident – dropped from a high place, overheating, getting soaked in the rain — the drive can suffer physical damage that will lead to hard drive failure.

Even if you are extremely careful with your computer, physical hard drive failure will eventually occur. Hard drives, like other pieces of technology, don’t last forever. It will eventually wear out as you use it.

A well-made hard drive, with no errors in manufacturing, should last for about five years before wear and tear can cause it to fail – but it will fail.

What are the signs of physical hard drive failure?

There are warning signs of physical failure of your hard drive and you should keep an eye, or rather an ear, out for them. If your drive has been making strange sounds while you are operating it – clunking, clinking, whirring, or grinding these are signs that mean your hard drive is starting to fail.

If your drive suffers a physical failure, it will often not boot up at all. This means that, even if you have a data recovery program installed, you might not be able to access it yourself. It is best to stop trying to boot up your computer as you might damage the hard drive even more. Instead, take your hard drive to a date recovery expert. They can remove your drive and attach it to another system than run a data recovery program for you to retrieve your data.

How can I prevent data loss due to a physical hard drive failure?

As we mentioned earlier, physical hard drive failure cannot be prevented just by having data recovery software installed on your computer. While you can’t prevent hard drive failure, you can ensure that you are ready for it by having backups.

You should regularly backup your hard drive to ensure that you have a copy of your important data on hand. If it is indeed a physical hard drive failure, your best move to minimize permanent data loss is to take your most recent back up and open and restore it in a new computer or laptop.

You can try installing DataNumen Disk Image on your computer to regularly clone your drive and restore it. You could also consider DataNumen Backup, which backs up your files and data and will allow you to restore them in case of physical hard drive failure.

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