How to overcome a damaged OST file?

Offline Storage files in Microsoft Outlook allow users to save the data on a single file, which lets them access the information even when they are offline or not hooked to the main server. OST files store all the possible information that is used by a user, emails, notes, calender and tasks. A damaged OST file can pose a huge problem for the user. Lets see to overcome this issue.

Microsoft’s Outlook client is used by millions of users that use the software client to manage their email accounts. Outlook is primarily used by small, medium and large organisations for managing the email accounts of the their employees by using a server, such as the Microsoft Exchange Server or Microsoft SharePoint. Outlook is also used by individuals for managing their accounts, however, they use it as a stand alone client, which means that the software will run and take files from the local computer instead of a server. Now, in order to ensure offline access to the information on Outlook, Microsoft allows users to create OST files or offline file. The OST stores all the emails sent or received by the user. Now, a situation might arise when the OST files becomes corrupted or inaccessible to the user. This happens when Outlook crashes or the client is not shut down properly. In order to repair Outlook OST file, Microsoft has offered the Scan OST that comes in-built in the Microsoft Outlook client. Before users start the tool to repair the damaged file, they would first need to make sure that all applications, including Outlook, are closed. After that, users would need to access the ‘Start’ menu and click on Run. In the box where it says ‘Open’, type the following command : drive:\Program Files\Common Files\System\Mapi\LocaleID\scanost.exe. After clicking ‘OK’, an OST file scanning and repair tool will open. Chose either ‘Scan all folders’ or ‘Choose folder to scan’. Users should know that if they chose the scan all folders option, then the scanning might take up a lot of time, therefore, it is advisable to select the particular folder that users want to scan, in order to save time. Users can also repair Outlook file by selecting the ‘Repair errors’ check box. After this, users can click on ‘Begin Scan’ in order to initiate the process. By doing this, users will ensure that the damaged OST file in question is duly repaired after the scan is complete. For those wishing to do so, the details of the scan and repair process will be provided in the Outlook Deleted Items folder under the title ‘OST Integrity Check’. Now, if the OST file is repaired then its well and good. But there might be a slight chance that it won’t. Therefore in order to repair the still damaged OST or to recover the precious data stored on the file, users can take the help of a third party application. There are a lot of third party applications around, however, the DataNumen Exchange Recovery tool by DataNumen is the most powerful program, fit to repair Outlook. However, if users don’t want to go for a third party software, they can also opt for disabling the damaged OST file and create a new one. For disabling the OST file, users need to first go to the ‘View or change existing e-mail accounts’ setting in Outlook. From here, go to ‘Microsoft Exchange Server’ and click on ‘Change’. Go to Advanced Tab in the ‘More Settings’ option and click on ‘Offline Folder File Settings’ option. Click on the ‘Disable Offline Use’ option to disable the file.

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