How to Make Your PDF Files User Friendly

PDF files offer many benefits to the creator of the file who would like to share information and the user who finally views the file. In fact, most files being shared over the Internet are now in the PDF file format. It is therefore important for users to know how to make the PDF files user-friendly so that people can quickly find the information they are looking for.

One of the biggest advantages of the Portable Document Format or PDF file format is that one can share documents with users without having to worry about the kind of platform, the hardware or the software being used. PDF files appear the same across all platforms and are a great way to convey high-quality digital content such as product information or brochures. For developers of the content, PDF gives the power to allow only authorized users to copy, edit or print the document. Further, PDF documents are also more secure than other file formats and one of the few that can even be used as evidence in court. It is easy to set up a system to take regular PDF backups so that one can fix PDF files that do get damaged occasionally.

On the other hand, if PDF documents are large in size, they not only take a long time to load but users can find it pretty difficult to navigate through the document. PDF compression techniques try to ensure that the file sizes are as small as possible and it is one of the lightest formats around. There is not much one can do about the size of a large PDF document. On the other hand, by understanding some of the more powerful features of PDF, one can make the document easier to navigate thereby making it user-friendly. It is possible to fix PDF files so that they can be turned from static documents into interactive ones allowing users to quickly find the information they are looking for. Let us look at the different ways in which PDF makes this possible.

The PDF file format allows you to create a table of contents and an index that is hyperlinked so that one can easily go the particular page containing the information. Similarly, one can even place links to the Web directly from the document. By creating bookmarks, readers can know at a glance what the document contains and navigate easily through lengthy documents. Adobe Acrobat also allows the content developer to add buttons or fill-in forms that authorized users can fill up and save. Furthermore, while editing or modifying the PDF file might require a full version of Adobe Acrobat, the software required to merely view or print the file, Adobe Acrobat Reader, is free.

There are advantages to having the full version of Adobe Acrobat. For example, PDFMaker is a macro that is installed along with the full version of Adobe Acrobat and lets you save any file of Microsoft Office as a PDF version. Not only that, based on the hierarchy of headings, PDFMaker can fix PDF files by automatically generating bookmarks that will help the user.

Thus, PDF files are not only easy to use and manage but by using specialized tools, one can ensure that there is never any loss of data from these files. Software such as DataNumen PDF Repair from Datanumen is developed to scan and restore data from highly damaged PDF files, across all versions of PDF files.

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