How to Fix Outlook Error “The File Could not Be Found”

This article examines the causes of the error “The file could not be found” and possible ways of fixing it.

How to Fix Outlook Error “The File Could not Be Found”

MS Outlook is a very popular email client software around the world. This is because of its reliability and ease of use. Once in a while, users face some challenges when using this software. For instance, when the application doesn’t operate properly, users get error messages. The good news is that these errors can be fixed.

What causes the error

This error message “The file could not be found” will occur when you try to open MS Outlook. The file in reference is the PST file. When you configure MS Outlook to operate on your personal computer, a PST file is automatically created. This is where Outlook stores your mailbox data on your computer. Therefore, if the file is not accessible, then Outlook will not work.

There are several reasons that can cause Outlook PST files to be inaccessible. For instance, if the file gets corrupted, it will not open. PST corruption can occur when Outlook crashes or sudden shutdown of your system while the application is running. Malware attacks can also damage the PST file. Also, if your PST file becomes too large, it could get corrupt. Other reasons that could make mailbox data inaccessible include the deletion of PST file or if it is stored on an offline server.

Approaches to fixing the error

Before fixing this error, it is important to understand what is causing it. This will enable you to develop a suitable solution to the problem. For instance, if the PST file is on an offline server, you will need the help of your network engineer to get the server online. Once you fix your network issue, Outlook should work perfectly. However, if the error is caused by file corruption, you can opt to:

1.      Repair the PST file manually

Before starting any repair procedure on the PST file, it is advisable to make a copy of the file to prevent damaging it further. This can make it difficult to recover your mailbox data. A manual repair approach will require you to use Microsoft’s recovery software for Outlook. This is the SCANPST software that comes with the MS Outlook application.

Once you run the application on your computer, select the corrupt PST file as the source file, and start the repair process. This should take a few minutes. If all goes well, the problem should be fixed. Unfortunately, this method is useful when dealing with minor corruption. Any items that cannot be repaired will not be lost. To avoid this, it is wise to find a specialized tool to repair the corrupt file as discussed below.

2.      Repair the PST file with a specialized Outlook repair and recovery tool

There are several tools in the market that are optimized for repairing and recovering PST files. One of the best solutions available to Outlook users is the DataNumen Outlook Repair. With a success rate of 95.7%, this software is at the top of its class. To repair your PST file, scan it with the tool. Check the options tab to make sure that the option to recover deleted data is selected. This ensures that the software repairs corrupt files and recovers deleted files. The process should be straightforward as the application designed for easy use.

DataNumen Outlook Repair

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